Destruction Of Properties: Comet Declares War On Nii Odai Ntow Family


Management of Comet Properties Limited,
the real estate development company has raised an alarm over the unlawful and illegal movements exhibited by some self-seeking elders of Nii Odai Ntow Family from Ashongman and Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region to use armed landguards to jump their boundary to cause destruction to the properties and building infrastructures
at Comet Estates at Brekuso in the Eastern Region.

The current incident which has reportedly been orchestrated by the elders of Nii Odai Ntow family of Ashongman and Kwabenya has created tension, confusion and insecurity in the area, which need quick intervention of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to safeguard the alarming situation.

At a crowded press conference held at Brekuso on Monday June 24, 2024, the
Director of Operations and Compliance at Comet Properties Limited Bernard Kusi-Appau detailed the recent three-day siege on Comet Estates at Brekuso, which only ceased following military intervention.

According to him, the ineffectiveness of the Ghana Police, who were outmatched by the sophisticated weaponry of the assailants.

Background and Legal Context

Comet Properties Limited acquired over 1,000 acres of land in 2002 from Akwapim families in Brekuso, Eastern Region, to develop the urban community now known as Comet Estates.

The estate, which houses around 20,000 residents, is part of the Akwapim South Municipal Assembly at Aburi and has all legal interests registered with the Lands Commission at Koforidua.

The community has grown significantly, providing essential services like electricity, water, roads, police stations, clinics, and schools, all funded by the company and its grantees.

Kusi-Appau emphasized that this development aligns with their vision of a first-class residential area.

Conflict and Legal Disputes

The Nii Odai Ntow family’s actions, Kusi-Appau stated, stem from a misinterpretation of the boundaries established by the 1904 Supreme Court judgment in [Bosompim vrs Martei]. This judgment delineated the family’s land at 12,690 acres, a boundary respected by Comet Properties Ltd. and its grantors.

Despite this, the Odai Ntow family has allegedly attempted to extend their land claims unlawfully, resulting in the recent attacks.

These actions, described as criminal and disregarding Ghanaian law, have created significant fear and insecurity among Comet Estates residents.

Call for Government Intervention

Kusi-Appau appealed to the Government of Ghana to investigate the conduct of the Odai Ntow family and to enforce the legal boundaries established by past judgments.

He called for effective police protection to restore confidence among residents and ensure the safety of their properties.

He also urged the President of Ghana to address this issue promptly, warning that it poses a serious national security risk, akin to the prolonged Numo Nmashie family land dispute.

The management of Comet Properties Ltd. remains committed to the lawful development of Comet Estates and seeks immediate government intervention to prevent further destruction and uphold the rule of law.

Comet Properties Limited is a real estate development company established in 2002 with the primary objective to construct and deliver into the Ghana property market, functional and comfortable houses.

The company has since developed and delivered to its customers, several houses on its maiden 2,000 acre Hillside Housing Estate Project at Brekusu, near the Ashongmang Housing Estates, Accra.

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