The Determination To Punish Kontrihene


In the few weeks leading on to the death of Kumawu Kontrihene, Kumawuhemaa approached his family and threateningly issued them her sternest punitive warning. She said them, ?I shall destool Kontrihene. I shall move the traditional ?Kontri stool? from your family ? Bretuo clan (?abusua)?, give it to another family (clan, so to speak), and ban your entire family from feeding from all the Kumawuman farmlands as you have been doing until today. The lands are Kumawuhemaa?s by tradition hence are mine. I shall drive you away from them?.


How callous could she be? When she was maliciously telling this bullshit, Kontrihene was actually seriously taken ill and was seeking, or was under, traditional (herbal and spiritual) treatment elsewhere. All along, and in collusion with Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, they had tried to portray Kontrihene as a traitor. They had asserted in public that Kontrihene was conniving and condoning with the Kumawu Ananangya and Odumase royal families to obstruct their mischievous ?create, loot and share? intentions from materialising. This is made evident in a video posted on YouTube titled, ?Asantehene involves in corruption?. Whoever wills, can review it on the internet (YouTube) to ascertain the veracity of my claim.
They did not believe him to be seriously ill when he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital the day that Dr Yaw Sarfo, the now questionably installed Kumawuhene, was to take his swearing-in oath before the Kumawu kingmakers, an obligatory formal procedural requirement by aspiring or nominated royals seeking to ascend to the throne, prior to their public recognition and acceptance as Kumawu chief-elect.
Kumawuhemaa, Asantehene, Dr Yaw Sarfo and their supporters thought Kontrihene was only feigning; he wasn?t really ill. Whatever their false or true belief about Kontrihene and his actions was, Kumawu Kontrihene, Nana Koduah Peprah IV, has passed on Sunday 21 December 2014. He is now counted among the dead. What a big shame to those intending to rob Kumawuman in a broad daylight? All their shameless schemes will eventually come to naught, God willing.
This publication is intended to rubbish Kumawuhemaa?s threats. I consider them empty boasts devoid of any iota of substance or foundation. They are as hollow as her knowledge of Kumawu history is deficient, because of the fact that her family with herself inclusive is a fictitious product of the fifth generation into the Kumawu paramountcy, according to her own claims. They are neither matrilineally nor patrilineally related to Barimah Tweneboah Koduah I, in any way. They are of a different origin altogether.
I shall keep on telling the whole world that her ?Ankaase royal? family members are not the descendants of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah I, the originator of the Kumawu Koduah paramount stool, as collusively and erroneously, but purposively, asserted by Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, at his Manhyia Palace sitting on 24 February 2014 as captured on the video posted on YouTube as aforementioned.
Why has neither Kumawuhemaa, that notorious, insulting and disrespectful Serwaah Amponsah, nor the illegally enthroned Kumawuhene, Dr Yaw Sarfo, the power to dispossess the Kumawu Bretuo clan in which the demised Kontrihene belongs, the Kontri stool? There are two main reasons for that. I shall categorize them under:
1. The Kontri stool was initially in the house of a different clan. During the Ataale Finam war in which Kumawu conquered and killed the Ewe chief Ataale, capturing from him vast lands in the Afram Plains, along with other booty, the then Kontrihene refused to go to the war. He was a coward. He feared to die at battlefield. However, a friend of the Kumawuhene from the Bretuo family offered to assist in the war. He led a contingent of warriors. He performed spectacularly well, helping to defeat Ataale with all the bravery that it takes at war to conquer one?s enemies.
For brazenly contributing to the successful defeat or capitulation of Ataale Finam and his subjects, Kumawuhene decided to honour him. He bestowed upon him the traditional title of Kontrihene by moving the Kontri stool from the other clan to his. This occurred many centuries ago during the reign of Kumawuhemaa Ataa Acheampong. They were assigned farmlands in addition. Another reward for his bravery was the river, and its god/fetish called ?Asuo Kofi? that was given to him by the people of Nkonya Wurupon.
Kumawuhene consulted the then Mamponghene before honouring the Kumawu Bretuo as just stated above. This is because the Kumawu Bretuo people had originated from Mampong, a part of the Mampong Bretuo family after disagreeing with, and fighting their own Bretuo royal head, Mamponghene.
It must be noted that Kontrihene is a traditional war captain. Therefore, for a Kontrihene to refuse to go to war out of sheer cowardice, or out of fear to die at battlefield is not god enough. In those days, it was perfect ground for destoolment and or dispossession of the stool as it did occur in this case under discussion.
Subsequently, for the current Kumawuhemaa, Serwaah Amponsah, to threaten them with dispossession of the stool and banishment from their farmlands as she has, is absolutely nonsensical, if it does not constitute an empty bragging by a deranged person. Who is she to undo what the forefathers, out of their wisdom and in conformity with natural justice, attempts to encourage and reward people for their selfless acts of bravery, in pursuance of the collective interests of society, have done? Where was she when the then chief and his elders took that noble decision? Where were her self-proclaimed fifth generation ancestors?
How can she out of a sudden whim abrogate what true, selfless and envisioned forefathers, out of their unblemished wisdom, had done many centuries ago? Who at all conferred that freakish right upon her to do as she wants when she wants, bulldozing her way through all things unthinkably stupidly? Is it her conniver, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, who has bestowed that right on her? So far, only two persons from her Ankaase family have ever become Kumawuhemaa. They are her immediate predecessor (Nana Akyeamaah) whom she succeeded, and herself (Serwaah Amponsah). What the heck is she doing?
She has no traditional or customary right to execute her threats. She has to be resisted with all the courage that the Bretuos of Kumawu and their supporters, among whom I should be counted, can muster to face her off. It is about time we stopped her raw madness.
2. Dr Yaw Sarfo being a member of the Ankaase ?royal? family with a doubt about his paternal eligibility as a qualifying royal, and the unlawful processes of his enstoolment, denies him the right to deal with the Kontrihene?s family in the manner as planned by Kumawuhemaa. What a double-whammy! ? the ?Obo3 fa dadee fa? syndrome.
Bribes were paid by Kumawuhemaa in anticipation of facilitating his election by the Kingmakers. That initiative is illegal by the stipulations of Ghana 1992 Republican Constitution, the Warrington Notes on Stool Disputes, the Ghana Criminal Code Act 1960 (Act 29) and traditional laws accepted by Asante Confederacy which became applicable laws since 1938.These are comprehensively explained in Dr K. A. Busia’s book titled, “THE POSITION OF CHIEF IN THE MODERN POLITICAL SYSTEM OF ASHANTI”. For details please refer to my publication on Ghanaweb, Modernghana and Spyghana titled, ?RE: Asantehene is the Overlord of Asanteman? ? (
There was also a court injunction preventing his enstoolment until otherwise determined by a competent court of jurisdiction, but he flouted it on the orders of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the man who claims to have developed tough skin and so is above the law in Ghana. He proclaims to possess the absolute or unfettered right to do whatever he likes in Ghana without anyone law or person able to question him (his excesses of power) or question his lack of demonstrable integrity.
Kontrihene and Akwamuhene were not present at his swearing-in as chief-elect. They were indisposed. That alone disqualifies him from becoming Kumawuhene.
Let us examine the importance of Kontrihene and Akwamuhene in the traditional set up of the Ashanti chieftaincy. Let me quote from R.S. Rattray, that anthropologist appointed and tasked by the colonial administration (Governor Guggisberg) to find out about “the history of the Sika Agua Kofi (the Golden Stool) and anything in connection with the subject…”
On page 221 of his book titled, ?ASHANTI LAW AND CONSTITUTION?, and under the sub-title, ?History and Constitution of Kumawu?, he writes, ??Kwame Basoah was succeeded by Kwame Gyesawo, who was a contemporary of Kusi Bodom. In his time the Kumawu fought against Kwahu in order to get their salt-pans. Kwame Gyesawo was destooled, and his brother Akwatrafani (he was called after a god of that time) came upon the stool. He accompanied the Asantehene, Osei Kojo, to the war against Banda, whose chief was Worosa. Akwatrafani was a coward (ohufo); he ran away and the Asantehene fined him ?1,000. He would have been killed but for the promise made in the time of Kodua. He was destooled, and Kwame Gyesawo was enstooled?
Why Akwatrafani was destooled and nearly incurred death? It was because he was a coward. He was further alleged to have slaughtered a bull earmarked for the celebrations if Kumawu won the war. After Kumawu winning the war, he was found to have killed and consumed the bull hence the performance of customary rites to dispossess his line of family (the Odumases) of any right of ascension to the Kumawu Koduah Stool. Being a coward chief in those days had dire consequences. No wonder that the Kontri stool was offered to the Bretuo family as narrated above. Who then is Serwaah Amponsah or Abenaa Serwaah or whatever she calls herself, to dispossess them of the stool? She must be daydreaming if not completely mad.
Further on pages 233 and 234 of same book on same sub-title, under Sections:
Selection of new chief: ?(The information given on this point confirmed the statements of my previous informants, and was to the effect that the Asafo (Ko?ntire and Akwamu Chiefs) had the last word in the choice of a successor). In olden times we selected a Chief who could fight; that is why his selection lay chiefly in the hands of the war captains, Ko?ntire and Akwamu?
Destoolment of a Chief: The Ko?ntire and Akwamu would lay any complaints regarding the conduct of a Chief before the rest of the Elders; theirs was the power to destool?
From my analyses above, supported by official citations, Dr Yaw Sarfo cannot, and is not, the Kumawuhene by the specifications of tradition although Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, for his dubious reasons, has connived to make him Kumawuhene. I do not recognise him as such. He MUST be treated with all the contempt he deserves should he conduct himself in any way as Kumawuhene.
Kumawuhemaa cannot carry out her boastful threats against the family of the deceased Kontrihene, concluding from my detailed research as partly made known in this publication.
Finally, for the information of Kumawuman citizens the world over, Kumawuhemaa had altercations with a member of her Ankaase royal less than a week ago. She had been approached by this intelligent and internationally widely travelled member to advise her against her intransigence with regard to the Ananangyas and her collusion with other chiefs and people to misuse the wealth of Kumawuman. He advised her against her general attitudinal rudeness to people and her lack of interest in the welfare of Kumawuman.
Kumawuhemaa became so incensed; insulted him and threatened to curse him. She said, ?If you don?t take care I shall ruin your life forever by baring myself naked, sit and drag my buttocks on the floor to curse you? She hailed unimaginable insults on him. He in turn dared her saying, ?If you were a bold enough woman, to expose your nudity to do as you have just said, then go ahead and do it; and see if I would not film you and put it on the internet for the whole world to see?.
On hearing that response, she panicked and quickly pulled the brake. Nonetheless, she continued with her insults, running her ugly mouth as usual. How disgusting but viral the film will have become? Viewing a film on Kumawuhemaa exposed herself, with her ?bearded meat? (?Akosua Kumaa?) tucked in-between her wobbling legs, dragging her bottom on the floor, energetically furiously invoking curses on a member of her own Ankaase family, although disgusting as it will be, many people would love to watch it.
I am sure as every Sampson has his Delilah, Kumawuhemaa has found one in (name withheld), her own Ankasse family member who hates her corruption, insolence and short-sightedness, unlike his elder brother who is socialising with her and at her beck and call, in the hope of receiving a promised V8 saloon or Range Over car from her.
I dedicate this publication to the memories of Kofi Dadzie, Otuo and Nana Koduah Peprah IV (Kontrihene). They are all currently not to be found among the living but the dead.
The noble fight by Rockson Adofo to liberate Kumawuman from the roguish hands of Kumawuhemaa and her cohorts continue unabated!
Last but not the least, having a formal education adds value to life. Most people who can read, write and critically analyse things, do understand me but those without education and are unfortunately not endowed with natural wisdom, find it hard to appreciate the contents of my publications. However it is I do not suffer fools kindly. Truth has always been the most effective weapon I wield against Asantehene, Kumawuhemaa, the corrupt Ghanaian politicians and their bunch of cohorts.
Let me offer a piece of advice or caution to all Kumawuman citizens. Please, do understand that it is not at all the moment to eat from different homes, accept offers, especially, edible items from all sources, anyhow. It is only through food, drinks etc., that criminal chiefs and queens are easily able to dispatch their perceived enemies to the land of the ancestors. Simply consulting juju men has oftentimes not obtained them the expected results of their evil intentions to spiritually cause the untimely deaths of their perceived rivals or enemies.
I understand that Kumawuhemaa has brought a juju man from Benin Republic, hidden him in her house in Kumawu to perform some rituals for both Dr Yaw Sarfo and her. To hell with whatever intentions both of them do have with regard to this move by them. May all their evil intentions associated with this evil undertaking by them, be reversed to hit them hard in their face. AMEN AND AMEN. AMEN!




Rockson Adofo

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