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Develop the aesthetic aspect of aquaculture – Fish farmers urged

Science Farmers Forum
Science Farmers Forum

Mr Hanson Kodzo Dzamefe Jnr, the Bono Regional Director of the Fisheries Commission, has advised fish farmers to develop the aesthetic and hospitality aspect of aquaculture to serve as another alternative to generate income.

According to him, fish farming was with a whole package.

“It is therefore prudent for farmers not to look at just a section of the industry but capitalize on other key areas that were equally economically viable,” Mr Dzamefe  said, adding, “there is that aspect of the fish farming and aquaculture industry, which forms part of the value chain, let us not depend only on the production, but make effort to develop the whole system.”

Mr Dzamefe Jnr was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview after a fish farmers forum organised by the Commission in Sunyani for aquaculture farmers to identify their challenges to find possible solutions.

More than 40 fish farmers from the Dormaa, Wenchi and Sunyani zones in the Bono Region attended the forum.

Mr Dzamefe Jnr said most often, the Commission found topics to train the farmers but now the trend of training was changed to engage them based on the challenges being encountered in their respective farms.

He explained that the aquaculture industry did not look at only fish production, but generally the beauty of the industry, saying its hospitality, aesthetics, tourism and eco-tourism helped to create a unique package.

Mr Dzamafe Jnr said some people were just interested in seeing live fishes, how they feed, and fish displayed in glasses.

“All these aspects increase the euphoria about the business and add extra value,” Mr Dzamefe Jnr said.

He stated it came out through the forum that marketing was a key challenge confronting most of the farmers in the region.

He gave assurance that ways would be found to help them strategize and go about the aquaculture business progressively.

Reverened Samuel Kwame Opoku, owner of the Rev Opoku Farms at New Dormaa also told the GNA in another interview that with the right knowledge and requisite training, a substantial benefit would be derived from the aquaculture business.

He said it was time for fish farmers in the Bono Region to unite and form an association aimed at acquiring knowledge to propel the fish farming business.

With formidable association, members could learn new things and get the needed governmental support, Rev Opoku said.

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