Developing Ghana Through E-commerce and on demand services

Jumia Ghana

‘’Africa’s leading online retail company welcomes new on-demand service providers to Ghana with a pledge to continuously support consumers and partners through improved technology and innovation’’

Once upon a time, there lived a country that was so rich in culture, tradition and natural resources. This country was blessed with great people, very hardworking and hospitable.It kept growing and developing gradually and life in general was good.

Along the line, trends began to change and technology was introduced in so many parts of the world that it became a necessity to catch up.

Then came Jumia,the ecommerce giant who had paved the way for e-commerce and on-demand services in so many other African countries.It was love at first sight and a beautiful success story began that will later on birth several other profitable ventures. In recent times a few young companies have sprung up to add value and serve Ghanaians better.

In our Ghanaian culture, when a child is born in our homes, the parents and elders welcome the newborn with so much love and train them to become great adults in the future. Hence, as the eldest child of e-commerce in Ghana, Jumia, Ghana’s leading ecommerce platform wishes to say ‘’AKWAABA’’ to all new on-demand service providers.

In recent times we are proud to have partnered with almost all the top brands and partners to deliver the best services to our consumers while supporting these brands, partners and vendors to improve their business. Brands and partners that cut across several categories from food vendors, beverage partners, grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies etc.

We are very much looking forward to a continuous beneficial relationship with all of these brands and partners.

These include but are not limited to KFC, Burger King , Koala , Vida e Cafe, The HoneySuckle , Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut , Nourish Lab,Papas Pizza , Starbites, Papaye, Barcelos, Coco Lounge and Frankies among others.

Currently Jumia works with over 400+ restaurants and partners in Accra, Tema and Kumasi with expansion projects underway in several other regions.

Over the past year, Jumia has played a key role in feeding over 5million Ghanaians while helping them save as well through discounts, vouchers and occasional free meals.The company has been committed to improving the lives of Ghanaians through the provision of healthy, affordable meal options delivered fast on demand.

We have partnered a variety of restaurants to provide local dishes, continental meals, fast food and several other meals to our cherished customers.

Logistics has also been a major problem for most business owners in Ghana. Jumia Services has taken that headache off them by providing a robust logistics infrastructure here in Ghana with the people, partnerships and technology required to address all logistics needs. This service has also been opened up to other external bodies in recent times.

Jumia loves to support its stakeholders and in the past year, we have undertaken several campaigns to ensure that our customers and vendors remain safe amidst the deadly covid-19 pandemic.

We have introduced contactless delivery services where delivery agents who have been well trained to adhere to all covid-19 safety protocols pick up meals / packages from restaurants and deliver to the doorsteps of consumers without physical contacts. These agents have been provided with masks, gloves, sanitizers and deliver within an hour.

Jumia’s payment platform, Jumia Pay has also made it possible to provide a cashless service to all customers hence reducing the risk of infection. In April last year, Jumia donated over 20,000 nose masks to the Ministry of Health in Ghana to offer support in the nation’s bid to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The future remains bright for ecommerce and on-demand services and the greatest beneficiaries are the consumers who deserve great value, convenience and affordability. Once again, ‘’AKWAABA’’ to all new service providers. Let’s serve Ghana better.

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