From Chuks Collins, Awka

The deafening calls from more than 12million Nigerians of all ages, gender and class already mobilized by the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria(TAN) for President Goodluck Jonathan to seek reelection in next year’s presidential elections may get a positive answer this afternoon, when the President was anticipated to give a positive response to the widespread appeal.

Already the Federal Capital Territory has recorded unprecedented influx of tourists, political researchers and Nigerians living in abroad who daily arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport for today’s historic grand finale rally of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) billed for Eagle Square today.

The arrivals flew in mainly from Canada, London, USA, Brazil, Dubai, Belgium and other nations of the world.

The hospitality industry is also not left out of action as most of the notables hotels visited by our reporter have been fully booked by people suspected to be members, friends and fans of the The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria TAN)

A spokesperson of the Nigerians in diaspora and member of the just concluded Constitutional Conference, Mr Chris Udechukwu said that many nigerians living outside the country decided to come back to partner with TAN because of their firm believe that the political advocacy’s mission and vision is in the best interest of the country.

Udechukwu noted that TAN with its systematic media activities has really helped Nigerians in abroad to know what is really on ground in the country most especially as it concerns the landmark achievements of Dr Goodluck Jonathan who has obviously out-performed all his predecessors in their first tenure.

He said that it is really exciting that after a long period of deceit,lies and propaganda by the opponents of the president, a group like TAN from nowhere came to show the light in an unusual political advocacy which has caught the enemies of the administration of the day napping.

Udochukwu said that Nigerians now know better and can no longer be deceived after knowing the wonderful achievements of the president curtesy of the activities of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN).

The member of the CONFAB said he is in the country to add his own little voice to that of TAN, PDP and other twelve million well meaning Nigerians to beckon on Dr Joathan to seek renewal of his mandate noting that the reward for hardwork is more work.

He however expressed the optimism that the president would answer the patriotic Nigerians who are yearning for more of him in another tenure.


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