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Did Asantehene Lose His Solomonic Rod?


Most Ghanaians, especially Ashantis, will bear me witness that hardly had Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II been enstooled Kumasihene and by extension the Ceremonial Head of Asanteman, when he initiated and implemented an education policy to help brilliant, but needy, students. He received accolade from the general public following that sterling effort made to grant the poor in society the chance to enhance their education and their future job prospects.


Many Ghanaians revered him for that noble policy, the first of its kind in Ghana, initiated and implemented by him. They thought he could not have taken that decision if he was without the wisdom similar to that of the biblical King Solomon hence the majority of Ghanaians calling him King Solomon.

In less than no time, the known contemporary King Solomon had lost his focus; lured into deplorable acts that would in no time cost him the public respect. He has allowed power to get into his head. He has in his mind?s eye become the Overlord of Asanteman, presuming to possess the power to reap from where he has not sown. Greed has taken the better side of him.

He could no longer take Solomonic decisions but to ridicule himself by pronouncing biased judgments on one case to another. As soon as he allowed himself to be consumed, no, I mean to say hit, by greed and selfishness, the two most powerful weapons in the devil?s arsenal, the Solomonic wand that abhors contamination of any sort, just disappeared from his hands. Subsequently, most of the decisions, if not all, that he takes, do not make sense to many a discerning and honest Ghanaian. They are not made in good faith but influenced by corruption, if not prejudice.

Disgrace, shame and castigations, the fruits of greed and selfishness, have become his daily food supplement intake. It is indeed sad to have an Asantehene who has lost respect that is unprecedented in the history of Ashanti Kings. As we speak, chieftaincy troubles have started in Pakyi No. 1 where the queen (Nana Yaa Asantewaa Bonsu) and her 13-year old son (chief) have both been destooled by their own ruling family members. I heard one of their family members say on radio how insolent this queen is. She questioned where the just destooled queen got the name Yaa from as she was actually born Akua.

When the queen enstooled her son as chief, I published an article on Ghanaweb, Modernghana and then Spyghana to question the sanity of how action. She claimed to have been instructed by Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to do that. Refer to the underlying link to read that article.


For Asantehene to regain his Solomonic wand, he had better swallow his pride. He has to own up to the needless sufferings he has inflicted on innocent people by his unpalatable behaviour. He must now man up and meet his own challenging weaknesses of abuse of power, greediness and selfishness.

A good leader is the one who cares about his people. Their concerns are his concerns. Their joys are his joys. Does Otumfuo Osei Tutu II care about his subjects? I doubt it, concluding from his nonchalant attitude when the government and the President of the Republic of Ghana treat his Ashanti subjects with disdain. How can President Mahama be his best friend when he treats Ashantis with an unimaginable disrespect and wickedness while he, Otumfuo, keeps silence?

While patients are dying due to doctors being on strike, Otumfuo is chilling out in London to finally proceed to South Africa for medical check-up. Patients are denied urgent medical treatment but here is an example of Ghanaians that can afford medical check-up abroad. Are these sorts of ?Yen ntie obiaa?people good leaders?

source: Rockson Adofo

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