Seal has recently accused Heidi Klum of cheating on him during their marriage  with her bodyguard?

In a video posted by the celebrity blog-TMZ, Seal said that, Heidi was screwing the bodyguard while they were together and that is why their marriage fell apart.

However, reports coming out say, Heidi is denying ever doing such a thing. Heidi is said to have told her friends that, her relationship with the bodyguard was ?strictly professional? while she was with Seal.

Heidi?s friends are saying, since the split, Heidi says she has gotten ?very close? to the bodyguard who has helped her through the difficulties of ending a marriage

I do not think a man will falsely accuse a woman he has been with for such a time like this unless he has reasonable reasons to believe Heidi was messing with the bodyguard?

Will we ever know the truth? Not sure about that, but we can still make our own judgments right?

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