Dietician says Obesity has no specific treatment

Health Obesity Who Pix
Health Obesity Who Pix

Ms. Ama Hienne Amoako, a Dietician at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), has revealed that there are no specific therapies or drugs for obesity.

She said, while surgery is available for some really obese patients, healthy behavioural goal setting should be the emphasis for people in the obese family in order to live a healthy life.

Ms. Amoako was speaking during the weekly “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility,” a Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Office initiative aimed at promoting health-related communication and providing a platform for health information dissemination in order to influence personal health choices through improved health literacy.

The Ghana News Agency’s Tema Regional Office developed the public health advocacy platform “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility” to investigate the elements of four health communication approaches: informing, instructing, persuading, and urging.

Ms. Amoako, speaking on obesity and good practices, suggested that goal setting, proper dieting, and regular exercise are helpful strategies for people who do not wish to be obese.

“Do not eat or exercise solely to gain or lose weight; do it for other health benefits to the body,” she advised.

Ms. Amoako said obesity can be inherited; it can lead to other chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and, in some cases, psychological stress.

She recommended everyone consume a lot of vegetables, especially greens, and cut down on fatty and ‘junk foods’.

Dr. Marc Kwame Dzradosi, Head of Pharmaceutical Services at IMaH, who participated in the talks, said adequate self-assessment, exercise, and a healthy, balanced diet would help people stay in shape.

He recommended that people regularly see a dietician or a nutritionist on a regular basis for assistance with weight management regimens and monitoring.

“Set a diet goal, exercise regularly, and eat healthy; this is the only way to help keep the body healthy and in shape,” he advised.

According to Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Regional Manager of Ghana News Agency Tema, “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility” is part of a collaborative effort to establish a means of disseminating health information in order to influence individual health decisions by increasing health literacy.

He said it intends to use the Ghana News Agency’s professional communication skills to inform the public that everyone’s health is essential and should be a top priority.

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