Ghanaian spiritualist Kwaku Bonsah

Ghanaian spiritualist Kwaku Bonsah

Famous Ghanaian spiritualist Kwaku Bonsam has blasted goalkeeper Richard Kingson for giving credit to TB Joshua for the impressive 6-1 win over Egypt.

The experienced Black Stars goalkeeper claims the Nigerian pastor who he refers to as his ?spiritual father? assured him of a resounding win over the Pharaohs in last Tuesday?s match in Kumasi.

The leader of the Synagogue Church has been noted for his rightful predictions of football games which include Nigeria?s surprising triumph in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

Kingson has close ties with the Nigerian pastor who he claims was responsible for his return to the Black Stars.

The 35-year-old told Oman FM his ?spiritual father? was instrumental in praying for the massive Black Stars win in Kumasi.

But the Ghanaian spiritualist Kwaku Bonsam in a rebuttal has lashed at Kingson for giving ?one man? all the credit when ?it was the collective efforts of Ghanaians?.

?What is Olele [Kingson] saying? That TB Joshua is responsible for the win over Egypt?? Bonsam lamented on Happy FM.

?We should give credit where it is due. I amongst many Ghanaians worked things out for the Black Stars and now credit is being given to someone who wasn?t even at the stadium.?

Kwaku Bonsam warned Ghana could suffer a similar fate as experienced by the Egyptians of the due credit and honour is not given to the right quarters.

?If we don?t give the due recognition, we will be beaten massively in the return encounter if we don?t take care,? he added.

?How can we be giving credit to one man who wasn?t even at the stadium? Kingson ought to come again.?

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