Do not to downplay malaria – Medical Officer cautions pregnant women

Picture Ii Tma Health Malaria Pregnancy
Picture Ii Tma Health Malaria Pregnancy

Dr. Mrs. Dorothy Hanson, Medical Officer at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), has advised pregnant women to seek treatment as soon as they get signs of malaria to avoid severe delivery outcomes.

She emphasised that malaria during pregnancy offered significant risk to the mother and to her foetus and unborn child, and that it could result in miscarriage, stillbirth, or early birth.

Dr. Mrs. Hanson gave the advice at the weekly “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility,” a Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Office initiative, aimed at promoting health-related communication and providing a platform for the dissemination of health information to influence personal health choices through improved health literacy.

The Tema Regional Office of the Ghana News Agency created the public health advocacy platform “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility” to examine the aspects of four health communication approaches: informing, instructing, persuading, and urging.

Dr. Mrs. Hanson discussed malaria parasites affecting the placenta, which impeded the quantity of nutrients and oxygen the infant was meant to receive.

She claims that pregnant women were attractive to mosquitoes due to increased blood circulation, which caused blood to get close to their skin, making it simple for mosquitoes to identify them using their sensors.

Dr. Mrs. Hanson stated that taking the anti-malaria medicine prevented anaemia, the detection of malaria parasites in the blood, increased birthweight, the wellbeing of babies, and much more.

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