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Marriage is not a bed of roses. While some couples endure, others enjoy. However, whether you enjoy or endure, depends on how you plan yours. To some, they have do’s and don’t’s while some simply avoid whatever they know would cause them pains or bring disunity between them as couples. Most people pick their spouses’ calls to monitor if they are cheating on them. Some others don’t because they have been warned not to. Saturday Sun went to seek people’s opinion on this issue. We came back with these views.

Emeka Osuiwu
Yes, I do because, she is my wife. I am married to her. We made a vow, so I have the full right to pick her calls but that is, if the phone is around or with me.

Adibe Austin
No, I am a jealous person. Picking my spouse’s call may trigger my annoyance because, I may answer the call and it will bring problems that can lead to the end of the relationship. So, I can’t pick her calls, even if the caller keeps calling.

Ahamefuna Manna
Yes, if I am close to her phone, I can pick it. We are in a relationship that breeds trust. We pick each other’s calls and that is how it would continue to be.

Mohammed Saliu
What would I achieve by picking his calls? If for any reason I do that, then it would be without ill-feelings. I don’t think it is right to want to know who calls her and why he or she is calling. I don’t expect her too to want to know who calls me either. It is not maturity for couples to be picking each other’s calls except there is need for such.

Taiwo Olaniyan
Yes, I do. She too picks mine. We understand and trust each other. We are not suspecting anything and that is why she picks my calls. I don’t bother if she does that hundred times in a day. She is my wife, so, she has the right till death do us part.

Amina Abdul
If he does not allow me to pick his calls, then, he has something he is hiding from me. It could either be that he is cheating on me, or that he does not love me. For me, I would not stop my husband from picking my calls except he chooses not to. On the other hand, if he chooses not to pick my calls, then I will accord him the respect he accords me by not picking his.

Akpabio Vincent
If there is need for me to pick her calls, I will, but if there is no need. I will ignore it even if the caller persists. However, that does not mean that I would pick offence if she picks mine. It is only a man who engages in extra-marital affairs who would not want his wife to pick his calls. At the same time, it is an adulterous woman that would be hiding her phone from her husband. Whichever way, it is okay by me.

Yes, because we are in a relationship. I love her so much, and she is someone I am so close to, someone that I share intimacy with. I have the right to pick her calls and I do.

Dennis Okwu
Sometimes, I do pick her calls, most especially, when she is not with her phone. She may be in the kitchen or busy with something else and her phone would ring. If that is the case, I can pick the phone and tell the caller to call back later.

I do because, we are one. Likewise, he has the right to pick mine because I don’t have any hidden agenda. My spouse should be free to pick my calls anytime any day, but, that is if he allows me to pick his.

Macxine Oguike
No, I can never pick my spouse’s call, because the last time I did that, it was something else. Although it was my fault, I misunderstood the caller and nagged and complained so bitterly that he left the house. Since then, I vowed not to pick his calls again.

Nkechi Ezerechi
Yes, I pick my husband’s call when he is not around. I don’t see anything wrong with him picking my calls or I picking his. I am a child of God and he is too. The Bible says that we are one. If we are one, then whatever belongs to him belongs to me and vice versa. Do you know that something that needs urgent attention may be happening in the village and if I don’t pick his calls when he is not around, maybe, by the time he would pick the call, something bad may have happened. Besides, he is not hiding anything from me and I am not doing same either. Whoever is with the phone picks the call whether it is my phone or his.

Oluchi Ejiogu
No, I don’t pick my husband’s call. I owe him that respect. It is not that he warned me not to, but I don’t like it. Nevertheless, if he is not with his phone and call comes in, if I look at it and know the caller, I may pick to tell him or her to call back. I believe it is couples who have secrets they do not want their spouses to know that feel bad when such happens. For us as a couple, we are not hiding anything from each other.

Ogochukwu Ezeolisa
I don’t do that. It is not as if he would complain if I do, but we accord each other that respect. He picks mine only when I tell him to do so. So, I reciprocate his respect for me by not picking his or wanting to know who calls him and why he or she calls.

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