The dog-eat-dog woes In NPP-Part II


wpid-Paul-Afoko-NPP-Chairman-41.jpgFolks, we need to place happenings in our contemporary times within their proper context, especially as far as the NPP?s kind of ?rogue politics? is concerned.

Those of us who know the history of Ghana will never sit down unconcerned for them to mislead anybody. They are doing things today to project themselves as more patriotic than anybody else, which is captured in the very name of their political organ (the New Patriotic Party (NPP)); but truth be told, there is a huge question mark hanging over their kind of patriotism.

They are no more patriotic than those not hailing from the tribal confluence on which their party depends for sustenance. Ask yourselves why it is only two out of the 10 regions constituting Ghana that continue to give them what they need to remain in contention. No need to elaborate.

Those of us probing into issues will continue to question their true values and stick our necks out to say it as it should be said. If they can, let them attempt cutting off our necks. We don?t fear their intrigues because we know they cannot survive when TRTUH confronts them.

It is obvious that they hate criticism, which is why they don’t want someone like me to be at their heels. They will do all they can to stifle opposition/criticism so that what they uphold as their version of the TRUTH will be rammed down the throats of everybody. But they are deceived.

They did so when the Danquah-Busia Club formed by the late Attakorah-Gyimah of Nkukuo Buoho in the Offinso area (who happened to be the last old guard of the Ashanti Pioneer newspaper, a very strong anti-progress medium, a defender of the Asante hegemony) was using his experience to get things going for them at the time that Justice Frank Daniel Annan (a member of the PNDC and the first head of the National Commission for Democracy) was spearheading Rawlings’ reform of the political system toward the establishment of the 4th Republic. And Justice Annan had been living in Kumasi, where he made a name for himself and his family. Very interesting!!

Sometimes, when I consider the scathing personal attacks on some of us by these NPP elements, I wonder what they do to themselves, thereby. And I question whether they really want to know how to fit into modern-day Ghanaian politics?and whether they can do so without knowing where their party came from to be what it is today. Or whether they fear being confronted by or with their own Avatars.

And when they easily disparage the NDC and its predecessor (PNDC and the AFRC or June 4), I laugh them to scorn. They fear history. If they don?t do so, can they face the dark days of their own political culture and the diabolical intrigues of their forebears?

There is no dispute with the fact that the NDC emerged from the struggles of Jerry Rawlings and those supporting his call for a drastic transformation of Ghanaian politics from its “privileged” (according to the Gospel of the Danquah-Busia ideology) to “underprivileged” status, which is why someone like the privileged William Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo finds it difficult to reach out to the underprivileged Ghanaian segments of the electorate to support him.

Now, he is playing hide-and-seek with his own party members: pretending to be hands-off and not wanting to interfere with the ongoing wrangling in the party but tele-guiding everything from his safe haven. How can these NPP people be so pathetic? And they think that Ghanaians cannot read deeper meanings into goings-on to know that they are chameleons ready to change colour, shape, and form according to the political environmental influences? Are these people really the ?interrectuals? that they have portrayed themselves and wasted resources on propagating?

My good friends, there is a lot to persuade me that these NPP people are novices in contemporary politics. They are yet to know how to fit in to be accepted as Ghana?s ?redeemers?, which is why all their vile politics against the NDC and the Mahama-led administration will bounce back with a terrible boomerang effect to knock them cold!!

I don?t intend to flog the dead horse that they are; but I just want to reiterate the point that they are wasting their time and resources to look for dung where no cow grazed. By their fruit have they been known all this while. And that fruit is really bitter. Repulsive!! Only they are yet to know themselves.

And the NPP poses a more troubling threat to our democracy than the NDC does. They have just confirmed my poor opinion of them by taking to the streets in Kumasi on an ill-thought-of public demonstration of frustration (the ?Ya Ye Den? demonstration).

If you doubt it that they are wrapped up in themselves and will do all they can to raise dust if not in power, go back into history to find out what they did at the first general elections ushering in this 4th Republic in 1992 when they boycotted the Parliamentary elections after losing the Presidential elections of November 23, 1992, to the indefatigable Jerry John Rawlings!! Their so-called _Stolen Verdict_ reflects everything repugnant about their ?book? politics.

And what they attempted doing again after losing Election 2008 to the late Atta Mills is difficult to gloss over too. As for their anti-Ghana politics after losing Election 2012, I needn?t say anything. The facts are still available to prove to all that they cannot accept defeat; and they will continue to be defeated for as long as their ?rogue politics? prevails. Such a political camp needs to be closely watched and outsmarted lest it draws us back.

I shall return?

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