Dominating Duo: U.S. and China’s US$1.6 Trillion Profit Reign Across Borders

Domination Duo

A recent study by shows that, among the top 500 global companies the U.S. takes the lead with 136 companies, raking in a whopping $1.1 trillion in profit, and making up 37.56% of the total global profit. Right on its heels, China fields 135 companies, contributing $528 billion (18.22% of the global profit pool), just shy of half of what the U.S. pulls in.

In the global profit showdown, the U.S. and China steal the spotlight, jointly commanding a colossal $1.6 trillion (56% of the total).

The rest of the world trails behind at $1.3 trillion (44%). Saudi Arabia secures third place with a standout contribution of $159.1 billion, making waves at 5.49% of the global profit pool. Now, that’s financial firepower!

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