Donald Brown Builds Sculpture of Peace

A former British athlete Donald Brown has created a sculpture of different sporting disciplines to promote peace and positive principles of life for all people through sports and arts.

Donald Brown

The 2011 European Masters 60-metre indoor champion has designed a painting dubbed “A Sporting Chance for Peace” with which he will tour the world to present to the leaders and citizens of various countries, aimed at promoting global peace.

The sculpture will be sent to several countries to preach the message of peace, unity, hard work, identity, relationship and other moral lessons associated with sports.
The former athlete said he chose Ghana as the first country to visit because it is one of the peaceful countries in the world.

According to Brown, an award winning sculptor, the sculpture focuses on many life-lessons that are taught through sports to promote principles such as discipline, respect, patience and humility.

He explained that, the painting symbolized how various sporting activities such as tennis, hockey, golf, athletics, javelin, cricket, football, basketball, baseball and swimming could be used to empower people to make the right decisions and choices in life.

The sculptor used the dynamics in the games to explain different kinds of issues that pertained to life such as disappointments, influences, responsibility, motivation, honour, pursuing excellence, humility, overcoming challenges as well as failures and successes.

He stressed that ‘‘we need to show the world the importance or relationship and you must listen to yourself so that you don’t lose your identity. The message in the sculpture is designed to tell a whole life story to ensure personal and social peace’’.

The painting also depicts a female athlete with a baton, which he said symbolized the necessity for the older generation to pass on knowledge, information, wisdom and responsibility to the younger ones so that they do not retrogress.

Mr. Brown said the campaign forms part of the preparations and marking of the international Day of Peace scheduled for September next year.

He said the revenue generated will be used to support sports, education and health projects in the country and urged others to donate towards the cause.

Source: GNA

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