Don’t be afraid of death


Christians have been urged not to be afraid of death because it marks an important transition in their lives.

Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Minister in charge of Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) Grace Congregation at Tema Community 11, said it was surprising how Christians fear death even though they wanted to go to heaven.

Rev Tete in a sermon on the first Sunday of 2020, said because people were afraid of death, prophecies that had to do with death always scared them adding, most Africans believed that other powers were working in the realms against humanity.

According to him, “some people believe in the use of juju and other magical powers so immediately they hear of death, they are afraid and begin to run helter skelter”.

He urged the public especially, Christians to believe in God and pray when such people prophecy death on them, asking them to also be charitable, cheerful and observe the tenets of the Christian religion.

He reminded them of Apostle Paul who knew very well that death was part of the Christian life and declared that when he lived he lives for Christ and if he died he died for Christ.

He noted that if Christians and the people who believed in God would do what was right and build personal relationship with God, no one would be afraid of death.

He added that some people die due to natural circumstances, others also die from natural disasters that could have been prevented and some also die as a result of curses.

“Where people are taken to shrines to be killed and these are deaths which could be termed as premature deaths and therefore Christians could pray against it, ” he said.

He urged Christians to be assured of God’s redemptive power as they fought for their personal salvation so that when death came anytime, they would have confidence that they would be going to heaven.


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