Don’t be swayed by false prophets, politicians for money – Nyansa Kyeame


Nana Kwarteng Amanfo, Founder of the Sankofa Ministries, a non-denominational Christian Group has advised the youth not to rush to false prophets or allow themselves to be used by politicians as a result of desperation for quick money.

Nana Amanfo, said when he observed how the youth of today were rushing in life due to their desperation for quick wealth, he’s been worried.

“They want to get richer but they don’t want to work and the Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 that any hand that does not work should not eat,” he added.
He gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency.

He said: “So if you don’t want to work, a false prophet will ask you to come and buy money making perfume, and miracle money water or oil.
“If they truly work, why do they sell them to you for a fee of about GH¢500.00 or GH¢1500.00 and why don’t they use it to make money themselves?”

He reiterated the need for the youth to toil hard to earn their own money and desist from craving for money they had not worked for.

Nana Amanfo said it was for this same love for wealth that made it easy for politicians to lure the youth into creating chaos, just for political power.

As the nation entered an election period, he appealed to the youth, not to fall prey to the manipulations of politicians to destroy the peace the nation enjoyed just to get money.

“How much will the politician even pay you and for how long will you enjoy it? When they attain power, they forget about you. When you cause chaos, how can you even enjoy any wealth in a nation without peace?

“Should any politician come to you to ask you to go and fight or cause trouble for his interest, ask him where is your son, daughter, wife, family? And ask him to go and use them instead for the fight,” he advised.

Nana Amanfo also called on the media especially those identified to be sympathetic to some political parties to be careful with the languages they used on their platforms in order not to fuel misunderstandings, bearing in mind that the peace the nation enjoyed depended on them.

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