Don’t elect wrongful candidates – Alex Kweku Fosu

Alex Kweku Fosu
Alex Kweku Fosu

Mr Alex Kweku Fosu, a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has implored delegates of the party to make critical decisions by choosing truthful and honest aspirants in the upcoming primary to assist the party to break the (8) in the 2024 elections.

He said delegates by virtue of the power vested in them by the constitution of the party were permitted to select candidates.

He disclosed that as king makers, they must not let money sway them to choose wrongful and unmarketable parliamentary candidates that could let the party down.

Mr Fosu said they needed to be circumspect, make critical decisions to vote for rightful and marketable candidates that will be beneficial to all.

Speaking to the media at Agona Swedru in the Agona West constituency of the central region, Mr Fosu said that delegates had a crucial role to play in the determination of the fortunes of the party during these critical moments to choose candidate for the party.

He stated that the party was at a crossroads in its quest to look for winnable candidates who were trustworthy, visionary and innovative to lead them to break the ‘ 8’ in the 2024 elections.

“It will be unpalatable and disgusting for delegates to vote for candidates whose character could be a stumbling block that will impede the chances of the party in the next election and so you must not let money influence your decisions to elect the right candidates”, he cautioned.

Mr Fosu said the party needed a Parliamentary Candidate who could deliver and had no public critics or self-destructive character so that both supporters of the party and floating voters would easily accept his or her candidature.

He said it was incumbent on the delegates to vote for selfless, honest, generous and ‘can do spirited’ candidate to lead them to reap the benefits after the elections.

The leading member expressed worry about the alleged suspension of some supporters that was not in conformity with the party’s constitution by the Agona West Executives.

He said the suspension was discriminatory and being used as a ploy to intimidate and also threaten some supporters in the Agona West that could have serious repercussion on the party in 2024.

He therefore called on the central regional and national executives of the party to intervene to halt the unjustified suspension of 16 supporters in the constituency to help unite the party.

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