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Dont Judge A Buddhist


The religious lamp differs, but the light is the same! No two ways, there are many religions in the world with each having a sizeable number of followers including secret societies. Because of clarity, I’ve taken the pain to research into the major religions in the world with their place of origins as well. Namely, Christianity (Palestine), Islam (Mecca), African Traditional Religion (Africa), Buddhism (India), Hinduism (India), Confucianism (China), Shintoism (Japan), Sikhism (India), Judaism (Israel), Zoroastrianism (Persia) and Taoism (China). The fact is, all the believers in the various religious sect believe that there’s a Supreme Being that transcends over everything below and above the earth. In simple terms, they’re all worshiping the same God Christians know, worship and believe. Therefore, why judge and scare me with ‘Heaven’ because I’m a Buddhist, Hinduist or an African Traditional believer?

Mind you, the religious sect or denomination you belong to is as a result of accidental birth! Thus, your place of birth mostly determines your religious affiliation. The probability that a child born in Saudi Arabia will turn to become a devout Muslim is very high than becoming a Christian. Also, a person born in India will surely become a believer of Buddhism or Hinduism than becoming a Muslim. If that’s the case, where from the unnecessary condemnation from the camp of some Christians? Why do Christians have the conviction that the only way to attain salvation is by becoming part of their religion? The truth is that, there is no way all people under the sun can join only one religion or better still become Christians. I’m born and nurtured in India, therefore, I’m a devout Buddhist which I did not caused it because it’s the religion of the land. Then, why do you condemn me saying I will not go to heaven during the judgement day upon all my good deeds?

Truly, most people are Christians not because they desire, but as a result of the ‘fear of hell’ as the believers have been told to exist by their authorities. On a more serious note, religion must be geared towards the promotion of brotherliness and goodwill among our neighbours. True religion goes beyond what we’ve been told by our Prophets, Pastors and Imams in the various chapels and mosques. The core duty as believers must be the one where we live in peace with our neighbours. Thus, making sure that the welfare of those around us becomes our prime focus. Sadly, religious people become pure, holy, saint or pious only in the place of worship in an enclosed building. Right after church service, the story cannot be told here! This is hypocrisy at the highest level on the part of contemporary Christians.

Realistically, going rounds saying that being a Christian is the only way to attain salvation doesn’t guarantee you a place in the abode of the Supreme Being. It’s like, staying inside the garage doesn’t make you a car, likewise going to Church everyday doesn’t make you a true believer or a true Christian. It’s time Christians develop the habit of showing love and care to the vulnerable. For the Book of James chapter 2:15 -16 sum up the true meaning of Christianity. The truth hurts, but it shall forever be told by people who hates hypocrisy. More importantly, I’m not a Buddhist, however, this is the hard truth most religious people are afraid to talk about. Don’t judge me because I’m not part of your religion. We’re all looking up to the same God. #God is one, no matter your religious affiliation!!

By: Adu Sarpeah

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