CC        :           COUNCIL OF ELDERS

DATE   :           17/11/2011



The recent happenings with regard the management of our party causes me to grief. I therefore took the pain to write to you this memo or report in accordance with article 67(i) so that when the eventual comeuppance occur you will not be taken by surprise. We (current leadership) were recently elected at the just ended congress with a new constitution accepted and promulgated. We swore an oath of office to defend and abide by the constitution of our party. However, three month after our elections, few of our executives have flouted every aspect of the constitution in the name grassroots organisation with impunity. This phenomenon if not check will halt the wheels of party and never a step move. The following are some of the unfortunate but deliberate avoidable gaffes that were committed by these executives.


Mr. Chairman, the chairman and leader, Hon. Samia has vowed not to use the constitution of the party because according to her it was the same constitution that got us 1% in the 2008 elections. This assertion is not hearsay as she told me this at a leadership meeting. My worry is that, as the National Youth Organiser of the party, can I also do things outside the constitution? I don’t think so. The constitution of our party is supposed to guide the conduct of all members of the party and National executives inclusive. Indiscipline in the past has been the bane of CPP but to rear its ugly head at the top hierarchy of the party, is highly unacceptable. We cannot allow indiscipline that we have fought over the years to engulf our party in the name of grassroots mobilization at this particular point in time. If National executives are acting incongruous with the constitution of the party, how can we discipline ordinary members if they go contrary to our constitution?


Mr. Chairman, after our first Central Committee meeting on 28 of September, 2011, the leadership were mandated to come out with timelines for both Presidential and Parliamentary elections as we have lagged behind vis-à-vis 2012 elections. To my amazement, no meeting was called in those two weeks albeit some executives did frantic efforts to get the general secretary and the Chairman and leader to call for that meeting. The meeting was however, convened and leadership decided on November 30th to open nominations for parliamentary. We disagreed vehemently on Presidential as majority of the leadership taught; we open the presidential nominations as soon as possible. The Chairman and Leader and the General Secretary insisted we open nominations of the Presidential in March next year, a position contrary to the constitution of the party. The meeting came to an abrupt end as we couldn’t decide. We arranged to meet on Tuesday to finalise the time lines but all to no avail. The Chairman and the General Secretary have refused to call for a leadership meeting or Central Committee meeting to decide the way forward for the party with regard 2012 till date.


Mr. Chairman, the attitude of these two executives of this party has rendered our party supporters disillusioned and disenchanted. I receive not less 15 calls a day from our party supporters and well-wishers asking me about when we are going to open nominations for Presidential. My answer has always been that the party has not yet decided on the date yet. Instead of maintaining the parties’ position, Hon. Samia and Greenstreet have constantly told the media that, the elections of our flag-bearer will come off next year; knowing very well that, it is against the constitution of the party to have our elections next year. This behaviour has necessitated the rank and file of our party to resort to press conferences, Press releases and grassroots agitations to press home their demands. Today our party is drifting apart because of the parochial interest of these two executives. The allegation that is being peddled round about these two executives; has having taken monies from the ruling National Democratic Congress not to field a Presidential candidates cannot be over ruled, given their behaviour. We need to investigate this issue thoroughly in order to save the party from further embarrassment.


Mr. Chairman, again the Chairman and leader has put together “UNITS” made up of a group of people unknown to the party (CC and leadership), who periodically churn out information in the name of the party without recourse to Central Committee and leadership. These “UNITS” according to the Chairman, will have the oversight responsibilities on the mandated committees of Central committee. This is tantamount to sheer disregard to the parties constitution and as elders of the party, I suggest we quickly do something about these things to avoid further bridge of the constitution.


Mr. Chairman, article 72(a) states clearly that “The Central Committee shall meet at least once every month at the party Headquarters. When necessary, it shall meet elsewhere”. At this crisis moment, there is no sign of an impending Central Committee meeting to decide the way forward. If we do not have a central committee meeting in November, it means we are flouting the constitution again. This attitude is not befitting of the two most powerful executives in our party. Another intriguing thing is that, during our last Central Committee meeting, the Chairman and Leader allowed persons who are not members of central committee to sit and contribute in CC deliberations; But for the Spirit of Comradeship and camaraderie that some of us displayed, the last Central Committee meeting wouldn’t have come on. This behaviour must not be allowed to continue as it is inconsistent with the party’s constitution. Again it can set a precedence of welcoming non CC members at CC meetings.


Mr. Chairman, issues of transparency is very important and cannot be overemphasized. Since we took over the administration of this party, the Treasurer has not received or made any payment on behalf of the party at stated in Article 97(iii) of the constitution. Meanwhile the party is receiving and making payments on behalf of the party without the consent of the Treasurer. Again, the party has not yet changed the signatures of the Old Executives from our Bankers to enable the Treasurer to manage the finances of the party. Find attached a memo by the Treasurer himself.


Mr. Chairman, my concerns are bourn out of love for our dear party. As a youth, I have a long way to go in the party. I cannot sit and watch Senior Comrades deliberately mismanage the affairs of the party to the detriment of the future leaders of our party. Again as you can see for yourself, the outburst of the youth in the various regions leaves me with no option but to react. It is my fervent hope that the council of elders will address the problems immediately. I suggest that, Council of Elders should convene a meeting and iron out the issues with leadership and not only the Chairman and the General Secretary who are acting in concert and creating the impression as though all executives agree on their positions. I wish my report will be considered with all the urgency it deserves. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me if I have offended or written something that is offensive to any member of party.

Thank you

Comradely yours,




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