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Dormaa Traditional Council Cautions Youth Against Invoking Curses

Dormaa Traditional Council
Dormaa Traditional Council

The Mansen Sumankwaahene of the Dormaa Traditional Council, Nana Yaw Komfoɔ, has issued a stern warning to the youth of Dormaa Ahenkro and its surrounding areas. 

He cautioned them against the unnecessary invocation of curses in response to mistrust and misunderstandings that may arise among them.

Nana Yaw Komfoɔ emphasized the gravity of such actions, stressing that invoking curses not only harms community harmony but also subjects the individuals involved to severe consequences.

“Nananom will severely subject you to punishment when you are reported to them over curse invocation,” he declared, underscoring the traditional council’s firm stance on maintaining peace and order.

Nana Yaw Komfoɔ expressed concern over the increasing tendency among the youth to resort to curses as a means of resolving disputes.

He pointed out that this practice not only disrupts social cohesion but also brings negative spiritual consequences.

“Our community thrives on mutual respect and understanding. Invoking curses only creates division and long-lasting enmity,” he stated.

The traditional leader urged the youth to seek peaceful and constructive ways to address their differences. “Dialogue, mediation, and mutual respect are the pillars of our society.

I encourage all of you to embrace these values and work towards resolving conflicts amicably,” he advised.

Nana Yaw Komfoɔ also highlighted the importance of the elders’ role in guiding the youth. He called on parents, teachers, and community leaders to instill the values of patience and understanding in the younger generation.

“It is our collective responsibility to teach our youth the importance of peace and to discourage harmful practices that threaten our unity,” he remarked.

Furthermore, the Mansen Sumankwaahene stressed the potential long-term impact of curse invocation on individuals and their families.

“Curses can have lasting effects that go beyond the immediate conflict, affecting generations and tarnishing the reputation of families. It’s crucial to think about the broader consequences of our actions,” he explained.

He also reminded the youth of the rich cultural heritage of Dormaa Ahenkro, which values respect and reconciliation.

“Our traditions have always promoted harmony and collective well-being. Let us honor our ancestors by preserving these values and rejecting practices that divide us,” Nana Yaw Komfoɔ urged.

Nana Yaw Komfoɔ reaffirmed the Dormaa Traditional Council’s commitment to upholding the traditions and values that promote harmony within the community.

He urged everyone to work together to ensure that Dormaa Ahenkro remains a place of peace and prosperity for all.

The Mansen Sumankwaahene reminded the youth of the need to foster a culture of peace and mutual respect, encouraging the youth to contribute positively to the community’s well-being.

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