Gay doctor

The senior medical doctor at the?Effia?Nkwanta Government Hospital mired in a sodomy scandal is begging for forgiveness.

Gay doctorDr. Sulley Ali-Gabass, a practicing Muslim and a respected member of the Muslim Community in Takoradi, sent a distress message to Muslim leaders to forgive and help him deal with his sexual orientation.

He?told an opinion?leader of the Muslim Community that as a Muslim, he recognized it was wrong for him to be involved with fellow?men, but added he had tried in vain to stop.

He said the Muslim Community, where he is an inspiration to many young people, should not abandon him.

Joy News? Manasseh Azure?Awuni?blew the cover on Dr. Ali-Gabass? homosexual activities in a thrilling investigation.

A victim of the medical doctor, Aziz (not his real name) has been left badly injured and required surgery to survive.

The 16-year-old has also been diagnosed with HIV.

He accuses Dr. Ali-Gabass of infecting him with the virus ? a charge the medical doctor flatly rejected.

The doctor?s confession in an interview with Manasseh that he had multiple sexual encounters with the boy shocked the Muslim Community in Takoradi which only a few years ago embarked on a street protest against homosexuals in Ghana.

The Representative of the Muslim Community on the Regional Peace Council, Saeed?Jallo, led that that demonstration.

He now faces a moral dilemma ? hear Dr. Ali-Gabass? cry for forgiveness and support or ostracise him as he preached during the demonstration.

Alhaji?Jallo?told Joy FM?s Wester Regional Correspondent, Kwaku Owusu Peprah the Zongo Community there is still in shock.

He said members of the community were in denial until they heard the doctor confessing to the act.

?When you go to the Muslim communities, you will see that every place is quiet because Dr. Sulley Gabass is one person who has helped the religion of Islam; the youth and student body of GMSA (Ghana Muslim Students Association), have been supported by Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass both physically and financially,? he stated.

Alhaji?Jallo?said, ?I was with him last night and Dr Sulley is apologetic, he is so apologetic and he said unfortunately he has been doing this thing but he has tried as much as possible to get out of it but it has been difficult so his message to the Muslim Community is that we should forgive him for dragging the name of Islam into disrepute. But the man cried and I shed tears?.Dr. Sulley is so devastated I don?t know whether this man can come up again; whether this man can come out and be what he was.?

He said Muslim leaders will allow the law take its full course but insisted that the medical doctor needs help and should not be shunned.



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