The students left the shores of the country on Wednesday to join five hundred competitors from other countries across the globe for the race.

IMG_9900According to Mrs. Helen David, academic coordinator of DPSI, this year’s preparation towards the competition has been very successful and has really boosted the confidence level in the students.

Mrs. David also stated that in regards to the high standard of preparation; she believes students will perform better to raise the flag of Ghana higher by the end of the competition.

“Our students are very well prepared because they have gone through serious training from the past months and have developed in all the skills needed for the competition. I strongly believe they will excel and therefore hope for the ultimate prize in this year’s tournament” she uttered.

She wished the entire competitors the best and a safe trip adding that they should exhibit all that were taught when they get there.

In an interview with the media, Shawn Owusu Nortey, a participant, disclosed that preparation for this year’s contest has been very effective adding that he is much grateful to the school authorities for their effort and the privilege to represent a great nation such as Ghana.

Shawn also believed he is well equipped and very confident to compete in this year’s competition and assured Ghanaians to expect nothing but the best.

“I’m much honored to be part of the participants representing Ghana this year and I am very grateful to my school authorities for involving us in such competitions. Preparations have been fruitful and I believe my colleagues and I will make Ghana proud by the end of the competition” he disclosed.

Another participant, Sudharsan Venkaraman, disclosed how contesting in the competition has helped him to improve his performance in school academically and also honored to be part of students contesting on behalf of Ghana in the tournament of champions.

“I believe that the competition is very informative because it has brought much development to my performance in school and I’m very happy to represent Ghana in this year’s world scholar’s cup competition” he expressed.
DPSI has won 3 gold trophies and 27 medals at the World Scholar’s Cup recently in Malaysia last year.

The school has won the National Spelling Bee competition for three consecutive years and recorded the highest performance at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in US.

Source: David Cudjoe


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