DR Congo Pushes Rwandan Rebels Out Of Virunga Park


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) army have expelled the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda rebels from Virunga national park, a world heritage site in the country’s eastern province of North Kivu, a United Nations (UN) military officer has said.

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“We have pushed the enemy out of Virunga park after hours of fighting this evening,” a UN military officer who did not wish to be named said on Saturday, adding that “the dislodgement of the Rwandan rebels by DR Congo army will reduce poaching in Virunga park.”
DR Congo military officers were not immediately available to give their account of the fighting.
“An army ambulance entered Virunga park at around 5:00 p.m. local time but I was not able to confirm whether the people in the vehicle were alive or not,” a ranger in Virunga park, who declined to be named, told Xinhua.
Virunga national park is classified as a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Several armed groups have been operating in the park for years.? Enditem



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