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Dr. Edem Hiadzi Advocates Egg Freezing and Infertility Awareness in Ghana


Dr. Edem Hiadzi, President of the Fertility Society of Ghana and a respected gynecologist, has urged women to consider egg freezing if they feel unprepared for children during their prime reproductive years. Speaking at a workshop organized by the Merck Foundation in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady and the Ghana Journalists Association, Dr. Hiadzi emphasized the importance of this measure in preventing future infertility issues and planning family needs.

Egg freezing involves the extraction and cryogenic storage of eggs from a woman’s ovaries, providing the option to use them later when the woman is ready to start a family. Dr. Hiadzi highlighted the flexibility that this technology offers women, allowing them to delay childbearing without the pressure of biological constraints.

“This method can significantly increase the chances of successful conception later in life, especially as fertility naturally declines with age,” he explained.

The workshop aimed to empower journalists to report accurately and sensitively on infertility, fostering a more informed and compassionate public discourse. Dr. Hiadzi discussed the egg freezing process, emphasizing that eggs harvested and stored at a younger age are most viable, thus improving the likelihood of successful pregnancies in the future. He assured that the procedure is safe and becoming more accessible, encouraging women to consult healthcare providers to determine the best timing based on their individual circumstances.

Addressing a broader scope of infertility issues, Dr. Hiadzi emphasized that infertility affects both men and women, stressing the importance of shared responsibility. He highlighted various factors contributing to male infertility, including hormonal imbalances, genetic defects, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures. Dr. Hiadzi provided advice for men to mitigate infertility risks, recommending lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and high-temperature exposure.

For women, Dr. Hiadzi underscored the significance of a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight to enhance fertility. He cautioned against extremes in weight, which can disrupt hormone production and menstrual cycles, leading to infertility.

The workshop highlighted the critical role of accurate and sensitive reporting in changing public perceptions of infertility. Through initiatives like these, Dr. Hiadzi and his colleagues aim to provide comprehensive education on fertility preservation and promote a supportive environment for those facing fertility challenges.

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