Dr Ifeoma Madu, a medical practitioner who is based in Lagos, has agreed to be part of the secular medical program to be held in Lagos on June 23 2019. The medical outreach will take place at the national stadium in Surulere.

She will be joining Dr Uzoma Chukwuocha to provide free medical services to the public at this event. The Lagos chapter of the Humanist Association of Nigeria is organizing this medical program in alliance with the Lean Perspective Inc. as part of the activities making the World Humanist Day.

Dr Madu said that since she graduated from the university, she had longed to contribute to public health programs and to cooperate with NGOs in the provision of basic medical care.

Humanists in Nigeria are delighted to have Dr Madu as part of the Secular Medical Team. Humanists are excitedly looking forward to this historic medical outreach and to the prospects providing Nigerians with medical services that are free from religious indoctrination and coercion. Religious organisations have been at the forefront of medical missions in the country, and usually they use these medical programs as avenues to preach and promote their religions.

Religious organizations exploit the vulnerability of sick persons and their desperate need for cure and medical help to coerce them to profess and embrace religious beliefs. This violates the ethics of the medical profession. This secular medical outreach aims to provide an alternative to the religious medical missions in Nigeria and to provide Nigerians with evidence-, not faith-, based medical counseling and services.

By Leo Igwe



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