Dr Juliet Appiah-Quansah, a true heroine in the world of medicine

Dr Juliet Appiah Quansah A True Heroine In The World Of Medicine
Dr Juliet Appiah-Quansah (left) with one of the beneficiaries of the Cancer Support Network Foundation

October, the month set aside globally to increase awareness about breast cancer has ended again. Many people across the world, including NGOs, health advocates, and cancer survivors came together once more to speak about the devastating impact of breast cancer on the lives of sufferers of the disease and their families.

Cancer itself is a dreadful disease that has claimed many lives in the world and continues to do so. Thousands of individuals, especially in Africa die of cancer due to the inability to afford the expensive treatment for the disease.

To help change this narrative, a Ghanaian medical oncologist based in the United States of America (USA) Dr Juliet Appiah-Quansah began a mission to save lives.

Through her NGO, the Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF), many needy cancer patients are receiving financial support for their treatment.

The CSNF continues to embark on various initiatives to help increase awareness about the disease, especially in hard-to-reach parts of the country where access to healthcare is a problem.

Within the past five years, the CSNF has committed huge sums of money into financing various cancer-related activities including the treatment of needy cancer patients across the country.

Taking it one step at a time, the medical oncologist remains poised to ensure no one dies of cancer in Africa due to poverty or ignorance.

All these would not have been possible without the passion Dr Appiah-Quansah has for supporting helpless cancer patients.

She has severally acknowledged the support of her family, friends, volunteers, and partners in promoting the objectives of the NGO in their own ways.

Seeing people fearlessly fight cancer and emerging victorious despite their financial backgrounds makes her glad.

Though a resident in the USA, the medical oncologist has not allowed distance to become a hindrance to ensuring beneficiaries of her philanthropic activities receive the needed cancer care.

It is for this and many other reasons that as the global breast cancer awareness month, PINKTOBER ends, we do not want to forget heroines like Dr Appiah-Quansah.

During many interactions with fighters of cancer, she never ceases the opportunity to remind sufferers of the dreadful disease that it is possible to beat cancer, especially when diagnosed early and survive for years by sticking to the advice of doctors offering cancer treatments at accredited health facilities.

Dr Appiah-Quansah’s favourite words of encouragement to cancer patients who sometimes do not believe in the conventional treatment and decide to rather rely solely on prayers are that “Doctors are an extension of God’s grace.” This she usually says, is to make such individuals understand that God could still heal sick persons even if they decide to go to the hospital.

Indeed, a positive cancer story cannot be told in Ghana without mentioning the name of Dr Appiah Quansah. She has demonstrated to us that medicine is not just about science but also about humanity. Dr Appiah-Quansah is not just a medical practitioner, she is a healer of many broken hearts, her actions continue to make a world of difference to those in need.

In a world often clouded by darkness, this benevolent oncologist, a staunch Christian, shines as a beacon of hope and compassion. In her selfless pursuit of making a difference, she, with the support of her team members has transformed despair into hope for countless families.

She has also proven to us that heroes do not always wear capes, sometimes they wear white coats! the world needs more people like her.

Dr Appiah-Quansah, may God almighty continue to grant you strength as you keep transforming despair into hope for many cancer fighters.

May your kindness be repaid with boundless blessings and love.
And to you, Dr Adelaide Oppong, your enormous contribution towards the successful implementation of the objectives of the CSNF can never go unnoticed, we are aware of the chocolates you send to survivors and cancer patients, your psychological support, and many others.

You are cherished and loved too. To all the executives, volunteers, board members, and cherished donors of the foundation, we say a BIG THANK YOU. We appreciate you for believing in the vision of Dr Appiah Quansah.

The revered vice president of CNFS, Mr Eric Brobbey, your unwavering care, and compassion have been a guiding light through the traumatising dark days of cancer patients. Thank you for the role you play in comforting and bringing healing to these individuals.

To support the activities of the CSNF you can donate via Zelle: Csnetworkgh@gmail.com
Cashapp: CSNF

Let us come together to help poor people beat cancer. Cancer treatments are very expensive, and in Ghana and Africa at large, many people die simply because they cannot afford these treatments, even when the disease is detected early.

Let us rally behind this noble cause, together we can support Dr Appiah-Quansah to be that change that cancer patients need, restoring not only their health but also their faith in a brighter tomorrow.

In our unity lies the strength to bridge hope, to heal hearts, and to ensure that no cancer patient in Africa is left to fight alone.


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