Kwabena Duffour
Dr. Kwabena Duffour

Kwabena DuffourIn the wake of the Supreme Court finding the Ghanaian swindler of the 21st Century, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, guilty of duping Ghana of Ghc51.2 Million, many an uninformed (not used maliciously or derogatorily) Ghanaian is angrily yelling for the arrest of Dr Kwabena Duffour. They are asserting that Dr Duffour, then the Finance and Economic Minister whose outfit effected the payment, is as equally guilty as Woyome, the initiator of the crime. He is surely an accomplice, they allege.

I have vowed to defend people that I come across as being wrongly treated for a reason or the other, whether my services are solicited or not. Certainly, Dr Duffour may not be happy seeing me jump to his defence. He has done nothing wrong so my defence is uncalled for, I am aware of that. For it is said, ?do not fix it when it is not broken?. However, one has to set the record straight to prevent further unnecessary attacks on innocent persons while criminals vaingloriously saunter down the streets of Ghana.

To start with, Dr Duffour is such an honest, dynamic, dedicated and a courageous individual who has vowed to be of service to his nation and people. He is such a selfless individual that you cannot find many of his types in Ghana. When he was in government as the Finance Minister, he never drew salary. He did a charitable work for Ghana. Unlike his other colleague-ministers, he never accepted even a litre of petrol into his car. He did not use government cars; did not live in government bungalow; did not use any of the government?s free garden boys or house maids, and did not accept any sitting allowance or per diem.

Further to that, his little involvement in the ?Woyomegate scandal? was revealed during the Economic and Organized Crimes Office?s (EOCO) investigations into the ?Woyomegate scandal? as ordered by the late President Atta Mills. From their investigations, Dr Duffour was established to have become suspicious, written to Betty Mould-Iddrisu (Attorney General) for better particulars and further clarifications pertaining to paying the money to Alfred Agbesi Woyome. President Mills was cc?d each correspondence sent from Dr Duffour to Betty Mould-Iddrisu.

While the correspondences were on-going, pending the receipt of convincingly acceptable explanations from Betty Mould-Iddrisu before any payment to Woyome was made, the Legal Director at the Ministry of Finance, Paul Asimenu, did the unthinkable. Find out what he did. After that, you will agree with me that Dr Duffour was neither the one who signed, nor authorised, for the money to be paid to Woyome. How then do you honestly call for his arrest?

I do not blame those asking for his arraignment because they did not know he was not a party to those that colluded to dupe Ghana, using Woyome as a front man. ?He can be charged as you suggest and hopefully, he will defend himself to the amazement of all.

Dr Duffour is whiter than white and cleaner than clean when it comes to discussing issues bordering on honesty, sincerity, dedication to duty and demonstrable integrity in general.

Had he even signed for the money to be paid to Woyome, acting upon the written instructions of the Attorney General, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, he would not be held culpable for his actions. Would you be held accountable for mistakes made when the court orders you to carry out a specific duty on declaration of verdict? The role of Betty Mould-Iddrisu in this saga was same as a Court judge issuing instructions to you following the pronouncement of judgment in a case.

His only sin may be not signing the fictitious documents presented by Woyome to dupe Ghana, if I should put it that way. He is more than ready to go to court to tell Ghanaians what he knew, and did not know, about the ?Woyomegate scandal?. Do you kill the messenger?



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