Dr Mark Tampuri on 24-hour economy

Dr. Mark Tampuri Endorses 24-Hour Economy Proposal, Emphasizes Digital Integration for National Development

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In the ongoing discourse surrounding former President John Mahama’s ambitious proposal for a 24-hour economy in Ghana, Academic City University’s Dr. Mark Tampuri, and Technical Expert on Responsible Digital Payments, has emerged as a strong supporter. However, Dr. Tampuri champions a comprehensive approach that combines extended working hours with robust digital economic development.

His endorsement extends beyond a mere approval of Mahama’s 24-hour economic vision. Dr. Tampuri emphasizes the critical link between this visionary initiative and the parallel development of sophisticated digital infrastructure. In clear terms, he stresses the need for a holistic economic vision that recognizes the pivotal role of digital development in modernizing Ghana’s economic landscape.

Advocating for a synchronized approach to both the 24-hour economy and digital development, Dr. Tampuri envisions increased productivity, job creation, and global positioning for Ghana in the digital age. This integration, according to him, is crucial for a transformative and integrated economic evolution.

Responding to recent criticisms, notably from Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Dr. Tampuri calls for a pragmatic evaluation of the evident facts. He urges stakeholders to recognize the transformative potential in Mahama’s proposals and encourages a collaborative approach that transcends political boundaries.

Dr. Tampuri’s stance is not just an endorsement; it is a plea for national support. He implores policymakers, including Vice President Bawumia, to consider the tangible benefits that a 24-hour economy and concurrent digital infrastructure development can bring to Ghana. By framing the discourse in terms of national progress, Dr. Tampuri aims to inspire a united effort toward realizing these transformative initiatives.

As Ghana navigates its economic trajectory, Dr. Tampuri’s academic endorsement injects a critical perspective into the ongoing debate. The call for a dual approach, merging extended working hours with forward-thinking digital infrastructure, paints a vivid portrait of Ghana poised for leadership in the global economic landscape under the visionary guidance of John Mahama

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