Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich Sheds Light on How We Can Learn from Our Failures

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich

Some people dread failures, while others embrace them. Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich takes a middle ground. He encourages people to learn from their failures.


Dr. Slenkovich is upfront when talking about failures. He readily acknowledges that he has experienced failures over the years, but that he learned from them. He says that everyone will also fail at some point. He explains, “If you are to achieve real success, failures are inevitable.” Instead of worrying about failures, Dr. Slenkovich encourages others to use them as learning opportunities. He says, “The problem isn’t the failures, it is how you learn from them.” You cannot simply sit back and accept your failure as a defeat. You have to take the time to think about what happened. Failure has been part of various aspects of Dr. Slenkovich’s journey. For example, he says that he built his team “through a lot of struggle and mistakes and failure.”


Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich also has advice for people who are struggling to overcome failures. Or those struggling to find the lessons within them. He strongly believes that “success comes from having a vision of what success looks like for you. Without a clear vision, you won’t have the commitment to overcome challenges along the way.” He includes failures in those challenges. Dr. Slenkovich’s advice regarding a vision has worked well for him. He says that “focusing on my overall vision and goal” is how he primarily handles adversity and doubt. He continues, “When that isn’t working, do go deeper and look inward at what personal growth do I need to make to overcome.”


Looking at Dr. Slenkovich’s story, it is easy to see that his failures taught him important lessons. He describes himself as a “kindergarten rebel, high school dropout, double-board certified surgeon.” Most people would easily classify the first two of those as failures, yet the last is a resounding success. Even more surprisingly given his current success, Dr. Slenkovich had a 0.6 GPA in college at one point. But he overcame failures and learned from them. He explains, “Through deep self-reflection in my mid-20s, I knew my life was off-course, and I believed that I could do more to help others if I expected more of myself.”


Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich is proof that you can overcome failures and learn from them in the process. Now, he encourages others, including his patients and other entrepreneurs, to look for the lessons that failures teach us.


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