Dr Abu Sakara
Dr Abu Sakara

We want to tell the media that this unfounded allegations and attempt blackmail must be treated with the contempt and disregard that that it deserves.

Dr Abu Sakara
Dr Abu Sakara
He Appiah Amankwaah went to Dr Sakara for financial assistance to campaign as a national organizer, but Dr Sakara refused to help him because of He Appiah’s poor performance as the head of the National organization committee

First of all it is Madam Samia Yaba Nkrumah who Appiah is a stooge of that hate, told a lie on and finally insulted Dr papa Kwasi Nduom which led to his breakaway from the CPP and finally forming the PPP.

Samiah rather damaged it by promoting herself prematurely as a presidential candidate of a future unified Nkhrumaist party. Her arrogance and self-serving attitude annoyed a lot of people and lost goodwill for the unity arrangements.

Let it be known that Dr Michael Abu Sakara Foster was and is still in good terms of Papa Kwasi Nduom, to the extent that he became his running mate during the 2008 elections.

Dr Michael Abu Sakara Foster together with comrade Radalyn Ayana have also been lobbying with the PNC for a merger, as a matter of fact every success the party is enjoying towards a possible merger with the PNC is because of these two individuals.

Appiah goes on to say that, Dr Sakara gets his daily bread from the NDC , we want to put it on record that, that is not true. Dr Sakara is a renowned agronomist with more than twenty five years full time employment as a high ranking international civil servant.

He is also a self-made business man in Ghana with clients from all over the world. Dr Sakara has built credibility for himself and this has made him the envy of people like Appiah and his pay masters who have tried to move heaven and earth in order to smear Dr Sakara. The inability of their preferred candidates to match up to Dr Sakara is why they have concentrated on the usual local tactics of “pull him down” .

Dr Sakara dared anyone with evidence with information about him in any deal with the NDC during the 2012 election to produce it against him any where
Their every effort to smear Dr Sakara is just a reflection of their desperation, fear and frustration at the thought of what will happen when Dr Sakara throws his big hat in the ring to contest for the Presidential Candidacy of the CPP in 2016.

Dr Sakara single handedly financed the re-organization of the party after the departure of papa Kwasi Nduom and remains the CPP’s best option.

Long live the CPP
Forward Ever – Backward Never
Osei Kofi Acquah
Former youth organizer
Ahafo Ano North


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