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We Dream In The Magic Of Football

Voodoo Football
Voodoo Football

Many call it a crazy scenario, because, eleven aside of opposing players making twenty-two (22) simply run after a leather inflated object. Others know it as the gentleman?s game. However, followers of football call and consider it as the beautiful game. The no contact game has been the name since it came to be played.

Patrick Twumasi
Patrick Twumasi

Football has brought a lot of wealth and recognition to too many people. Persons who hitherto would not have been able to attain any social status and respect, because they are men and women without letters now get the attention they so deserve. These players, many of them have attained legendary and iconic appeal worldwide. Souvenirs? bearing their embossed pictures sell like tickets to heaven. Many believers in the game are so passionate about these superstars. They even adopt the names of these icons or name their children after them. Spectators struggle to get autographs from these players. This is but, the few great things that football can and has done. Hence, thank you football.

The game of football has brought fame to many players. Some of these players, mostly from the streets, rural and poor homes and will or would never have been given a dog chance to appear on any platform, are on giant screens all over the world. Many of them have left their home of comfort to far away countries, where they had no knowledge of but passion for the game sent them. Wherever they appear or have ever appeared, everything comes to a standstill, they become the center of attraction. In many instances, they have served as a magnet which pulled thousands. Many of these players are friends to Presidents, Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and all who matter in society. Therefore, thanks to football.

This football has created a religion with dominant force. Followers of the game see football as a religion and follow the game passionately with their lives. Be it a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist, Traditionalist, theist, atheist or agnostic; the passion is the same and they flock together to roar on their football teams and superstar players. No matter the faith followers rally behind a single flag. The super chorus is one and same language everywhere when a football enters the net and it?s a?g-o-a-l!!!!!!!!!!!

Football brings lots of entertainment to homes and countries. Nations that were unheard off, courtesy football we have come to learn about them, including other people and their cultures. The game has united the world. Football has broken barriers of race, religion, ethnicity, poverty and continents. Football remains a bridge; football has pulled and is pulling down walls and connecting people from all over the world. The passion that football generates is immeasurable and the relief unmatched.

Legends such as Pele, Brazil; Diego Maradona, Argentina; ?Zinedin Zidan, France; Abedi Ayew, Ghana; Didier Drogba, Ivory Coast; Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Nigeria; and Emmanuel Adebayor, Togo. Others include Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo, Portugal; Lionel Messi, Argentina; Ronaldo, Brazil; Toti, Italy; Lampard and Gerald all of England. And many that space and time will not permit are who they are today, thanks to football.

If you were parented by poor parents then you can only rely on God, education and your talent. Most of the superstars are from poor backgrounds, hence could not make it to school but, thanks to football today they have achieved social recognition. They can go anywhere, everywhere and whenever at any time in the world and buy anything they so desire. That is football and what it can do. That is the name of the game that came along with fame for many who accepted and accepts her. That is the beautiful game, the gentlemen?s game, the unifier, the religion and the no contact game.

From the month of June to July, 2014 the world?s attention will be focused on Brazil, 2014. What a period in the year, and experience never to be forgotten. Every spectator cannot be at Brazil for the World Cup, which is held every four (4) years. But, courtesy the power of technology billions around the world will view the global fiesta live via television. Tears for those whose teams lose and laughter as well as elaborate celebrations for spectators who belong to the winning side.

Great days are ahead, thank you football for offering something to cheer about, celebrate and unite us.

Thank you, football.


Patrick Twumasi


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