Atuabo Gas Processing Plant
Atuabo Gas Processing Plant

I may not be gifted when it comes to those the Maker showered the exceptional gift of retentive memories upon, but I can dig deep into the dusty recesses of my jumbled thoughts to recall how government’s appointees and self-acclaimed communicators used to drum into our gaping ears that the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant would deal a
dirty blow to the never-ending power crisis we have been experiencing. Ministers and their deputies alike were loudly shouting to Ghanaians about how soon this obnoxious power canker would leave us alone, and that, according to them, spelt doom for the opposition New Patriotic Party!

Atuabo Gas Processing Plant
Atuabo Gas Processing Plant

Ben Dotse Marloh, Mahama’s white elephant director of communications, was livid with his pronouncement that the gas processing plant was a game changer, an info that calmed the nerves of many a Ghanaian business man.
No sooner had that announcement been made than we were bombarded with the palatable news item that the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant had been completed and would come on stream within a few days. This event sent folks sympathetic towards the course of the NDC into wild jubilation.

There had been conflicting reports as to whether the plant is producing gas or not. We have been waiting with baited breath to experience the heaven promised, but so far, nothing of that sort is being witnessed.
Dr.Kwesi Botwe tells us now the plant will produce gas soon. I am not in the league of Dr. Kwesi Botwe to question what he has pronounced, but at least I can speak to what Atuabo seeks to do. The Atuabo Gas Processing Plant doesn’t produce even one megawatt of power! It is a mere gas producing plant! The Game Changing mantra of
Atuabo is nothing more than a mere wishful thinking borne out of intellectual deficiencies and vacuous propaganda by elements within Mahama’s directionless administration! The end always does justify the means. Atuabo is on, yet the power crisis has deepened! A tragic waste of valuable time listening to those Kweku Ananse stories told
by Mahama’s lazy appointees!

By P. K. Sarpong
Assisted by Jamaludeen A. Abdullah


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