Home Entertainment DStv: Ghana’s Hotel Business and Post-COVID excellence

DStv: Ghana’s Hotel Business and Post-COVID excellence

DStv For Business and the Resilience of Ghana’s Hotel Industry, Post-COVID Unlocking Hospitality Excellence


The global COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the dynamics of the hospitality industry, challenging hoteliers in Ghana to innovate and adapt for sustained growth. An industry greatly struck by the pandemic was the hospitality sector. With many hotels closing down entirely, others downsized to the bone and a good number offering their facilities to be used as quarantine centres for returning travelers.

As the nation continues to recover, one avenue that holds promise for hotels is the strategic integration of DStv for Business in your operations. DStv for Business stood with the sector throughout the pandemic offering a myriad of reliefs. The initial respite for the sector from was a fifty percentage (50%) discount off all monthly bills who continued to use our services during this period. Furthermore, post the lockdown DStv for Business restructured its offering tailoring it more to the needs of the sector leveraging input from the industry. This resulted in the new offers Play, Work and Stay (which are tiered into Basic, Essential, and Ultra package).

In this op-ed, we explore how leveraging DStv’s versatile offerings can not only enrich the guest experience but also contribute significantly to the revitalization and sustainability of the hotel industry in Ghana.

Entertainment Diversity as a Key Differentiator:

DStv’s expansive range of channels spans news, sports, movies, documentaries, and international content, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for hotels to stand out. By curating bespoke channel packages that cater to diverse guest preferences, hotels can create a unique and memorable stay for their patrons. This entertainment diversity not only attracts a wider audience but also fosters guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevating In-Room Experiences:

In the post-COVID era, guests are increasingly discerning about the quality of their in-room experiences. By integrating DStv into in-room entertainment systems, hotels can offer a premium selection of channels, including video-on-demand services, ensuring that guests have access to a world-class entertainment experience at their fingertips. This not only enhances guest satisfaction but also positions the hotel as a destination of choice for travelers seeking a superior stay.

Sports Packages: A Winning Strategy:

For sports enthusiasts, DStv’s sports packages present a compelling draw. With major sporting events capturing global attention, hotels can leverage DStv to attract fans and create sports-themed packages or events. This strategic move not only taps into the lucrative sports tourism market but also ensures a steady influx of guests during key sporting seasons.

Collaboration for Mutual Success:

Collaborating closely with DStv for Business opens doors to tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each hotel. By working hand-in-hand, hotels can explore partnership opportunities and promotional activities, enhancing their visibility and attracting a broader audience.

Promotions and Packages for Added Value:

Hotels can design promotional packages that include DStv subscriptions as part of the overall guest experience. Exclusive deals during peak seasons or special events can incentivize bookings, contributing to increased revenue streams for the hotel.

Beyond Entertainment: Utilizing DStv for Business Holistically:

DStv for Business goes beyond entertainment, offering training channels that can be harnessed for staff development and engagement. Keeping staff informed about current events and cultural happenings enhances their ability to connect with guests, contributing to an overall positive guest experience.

Digital Signage and Information Channels:

In the age of digital communication, DStv for Business can facilitate the implementation of digital signage solutions in common areas. Hotels can utilize these displays to provide guests with important information about the hotel, local attractions, and safety protocols, creating a seamless and informative guest journey.

A Bright Future Awaits

As Ghana’s hotel industry charts its course for recovery, the integration of DStv for Business emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. By harnessing the power of diverse entertainment, strategic collaboration, and holistic utilization of DStv’s offerings, hotels can not only bounce back from the challenges of the past but also set the stage for sustained growth and excellence in the post-COVID era. The key lies in embracing change, seizing opportunities, and unlocking the full potential of DStv for Business in the vibrant tapestry of Ghana’s hospitality landscape.

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