Dura Lube Enters Ghana?s Market


Dura_LubeAt a recent event, an exclusive agreement was signed for Ghana and West Africa between Dura Lube and General American Auto Parts to enable Dura Lube products to be sold on the Ghanaian market as well as the West African.


Originally introduced in 1986, Dura Lube was intended as a special engine treatment for the trucking industry. Incredibly, the reports began to come in on Dura Lube’s amazing attributes because of these reports; a decision was made to bring the product to the general automotive consumer market.


Dura Lube was rolled out to the entire United States Retail industry in the spring of 1993, and its popularity and loyal consumer base continues to thrive into its third decade of helping consumers maintain their family vehicles.


Dura Lube has both Fuel and Engine treatments for quick and instant fixes to your automobile.? For your fuel system we have launched Dura Lube Upper Cylinder Lubricant which?Cleans and lubricates the upper cylinder walls for more efficient operation.

It removes harmful deposits that rob your injectors of power and performance, cleans and lubricates carburetors, injectors and valve seats. One bottle treats up to 20 gallons of fuel and it is?compatible with gas or diesel engines.

It also reduces loss of?fuel economy, loss of power, hesitations, pinging and dieseling?and?reduces Carbon build up for your engines.

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  1. Good evening,pls where can i get the Dura Lube oil to buy . kindly contact me on the following number 0262060028



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