Dying To Reach The Promised Land.


Thursday, February 15, 2007
For the masses of people who blaze dangers to immigrate to other lands.
Dying to Get To The Promised Land

There is no secret to hide,
Communications are instant
And global to villages large and small
No more hiding from these influences
As they transcend fortifications
Built to prevent those from outside .
Desperate to reach the promised land
Amid sufferings injuries and death .
They scale fences and deserts .
Lurking in shadows that are not there
To wait for a chance and a time ..
Risking lives over and over again
To reach the promised land.
They leave homes with one aim
To return home some day with riches , .
We never know of the ones who failed
Maybe it takes luck and who can blame them.
The brave die first to get their share
And the rest become statistics.
The news never reach home of those who left.
To look for the promised land that never existed.

By The Rev Peter E Adotey Addo All Rights Reserved

For those who tried so hard to reach the

Promised land but never did And those about to

Try .

First Published February 15 2007

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