la-tormentae.TV Ghana has introduced six new captivating programs in addition to already existing programs on its channel. ?The new program schedule will serve viewers a unique blend of sports, geography, comedy, action, and drama series. The six new additions include, ?Global Football?, ?Gabriela?, ?Little Miss Jocelyn?, ?the pretender?, ?La Tormenta?, and ?The Unit?.

Mrs. Rosemond Aryeetey, Head of Corporate Communications at Global Media Alliance, owners of e.TV Ghana shared in an interview that ?e.TV Ghana is a station that stands for quality entertainment. Since the station begun broadcast in Ghana, it has been offering viewers some of the best entertainment programs in the country. With the addition of these new exciting programs to our existing line-up, we are hopeful to refresh viewers? interests in entertainment and sports on e.TV.?

She added that the newly added programs are of international reputation and have earned vas viewership in and around the world. ?These new programs have gained popularity internationally and we are very happy to bring them on our channel for our cherished viewers. e.TV is bringing a whole new experience that viewers would love to be part of?, She concluded.

The two new telenovelas include ?La Tomenta? (Storm) and Gabriela. Showing 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays every week, La Tomenta is a Colombian telenovela that tells a story of Maria Teresa, a woman accustomed to living in the city who has to move to live at ?La Tormenta?, her family?s estate, to try to save her family from financial ruin. The family faces economic problems but she thinks La Tormenta will save them from bankruptcy.

Gabriela, on the other hand, is a Brazilian telenovela that weaves a story around a raggedy migrant worker who arrives in town to mesmerize all with her playful and simple, yet raw sensuality. Gabriela airs Mondays to Thursdays at 6:30pm.

Viewers can access more information on the new programs and others at


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