Palm Oil
Palm Oil

The announcement came few months after the Authority issued warnings against the consumption of palm oil after news broke that large quantities of palm oil on the market had been adulterated with Sudan IV.

Palm Oil
Palm Oil

Sudan IV is an industrial dye used in the colouration of plastics and other synthetic products.

It was reported that the contaminated products, were being sold at the Mallam Atta, Dome, Dansoman, Agbogbloshie and Kaneshie markets, all in Accra, and that traders who sold the palm oil adulterated the product to enhance its colour and make it more attractive to customers.

Deputy Chief Executive of the FDA, John Odame-Darkwah said, “The FDA after these interventions took samples from markets in Accra-Tema Metropolis, the same quantity as we tested at the beginning of the project, and I must say that we have moved from 98 percent of non-compliance to less than 10 percent of non-compliance.”

“Even if there is any adulteration at all it may be unintentional adulteration because of containers being used at the market place. Consumers are encouraged that the palm oil on our market is safe and we should continue to patronise so that we get the nutrition that we get from palm oil.”

John Odame-Darkwah however advised that people buy palm oil with confidence and eat it with confidence because it is safe.




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