EC reiterates commitment to protect integrity of voters register

Electoral Commission
Electoral Commission

Dr. Serebuor Quaicoe, Deputy Electoral Commissioner, emphasizes that the Electoral Commission’s primary responsibility is safeguarding the integrity of the voter’s register, a key aspect of its mandate.

He contends that those advocating for extending the limited voters’ registration from district offices to electoral areas are primarily focused on increasing the number of new registrants rather than ensuring the register’s sanctity.

Dr. Quaicoe asserts that district offices are better equipped to ensure a clean and accurate voter’s register. He highlights the media and civil society organizations’ relentless emphasis on registration, possibly overlooking the vital aspect of register integrity.

He underscores the Commission’s dual mission: to register eligible voters and protect the sanctity of the register, a critical but often overlooked element. He emphasizes that the voter’s register plays a pivotal role in determining Ghana’s leadership, and its contents should not lead to disputes.

The Electoral Commission has faced significant criticism from political parties, civil society organizations, and the public for conducting limited voters’ registration exclusively in district offices. Critics argue that the inaccessibility of district offices and transportation costs, among other factors, necessitate decentralizing the process to electoral areas.

However, Dr. Quaicoe clarifies that the ongoing district registrations are primarily geared towards the forthcoming district level elections. He explains that while the current registration remains limited to district offices, the Commission plans to introduce another registration exercise next year, conducted in the electoral areas.

He elaborates, stating, “We are revising the register to allow those who have reached 18 years and wish to participate in the district level elections to register. Next year, we will conduct a comprehensive voter registration exercise.”

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