EC urged to address network challenges, congestion in Voter Registration Exercise

Voters Registration

John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), recently visited the Electoral Commission (EC) headquarters to assess the ongoing limited voter registration exercise. During his visit, Mahama highlighted the network challenges and congestion that have been reported in various district offices.

Mahama expressed his concern regarding the congestion at registration centers, where people from different areas gather to register at a single location. Additionally, he pointed out that the network strength was insufficient, leading to difficulties in utilizing the instant online registration system. As a result, some data had to be captured offline, which increased the risk of duplicate entries.

To address these issues, Mahama called upon the EC to engage with telecom companies and seek solutions to the network bottleneck. By improving the network infrastructure, the registration process could be expedited. Furthermore, Mahama proposed that the EC should consider opening up more registration centers to alleviate congestion and ensure a smoother experience for voters.

During his interactions with young individuals who had recently turned 18, Mahama discovered that many of them did not possess Ghana cards, which are required for registration.

He emphasized that if the registration process solely relied on Ghana cards, these young people would have been unable to register.


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