The highly anticipated and prestigious Ecobank Cup Competition has been cancelled due to torrential rain that visited the capital in the course of play at around 14:00 GMT. The course appeared dreary as the rain drove golfers to the club in their numbers.
According to Kwame Rene, Captain of the Achimota Golf Club, a committee of the club in consultation with the sponsor arrived at a unanimous decision to call off the competition and reschedule it on a later date.
“It is obvious the course is unplayable and as a result this competition will be played all over again at a later date. We shall thus communicate the date to the golfers.” He continued that, “prizes for the tourney will be presented during the Ecobank Chairman Prize that will come off later in February.”
The occasion reasoned that every golfer was a winner and it was evident that the golfers were hopeful for the competition when it finally comes off.
The day brought together 170 amateurs and 25 pros. Zuum International Band worked the golfers to their groove when it became obvious that only good music could revive a rather thwarted day.
By: Collins Oppong


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