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Economic Distress Of A Jobless Man


This has become an anthem everyone is singing day in day out.
Sang by the young and old, rich and poor. The dependants and independents alike are singing same song.

These and many other descriptions are given to the current economic state, not only by the government but individuals as well.

Until last year, I was a physically abled person and could move around to do some skills that can earn me small incomes for my upkeep. It doesn’t fetch much to spare enough after settling bills and other obligations.

I used to asked this question not about those who are still living with or depending on their parents but those adults living on their own especially having families or dependants yet they are jobless.

I never got an answer but usually says, maybe that’s the reason most of such people are engaged in social vices and things they wouldn’t ever thought of doing at normal circumstances.

Is it thievery or stealing, cheating, corruption, scamming or what have you? Oh God forgive and forbid!
Fast forward, I got involved in a motor accident which almost took my life but for God.
I have been taken away from my income earning job due to the severe injury I had.

I can’t weave, I can’t dance, I can’t go on tours or even the farm; and these were my sources of income.
Earlier this year, a friend engaged me in a conversation and at a point asked, “So tell me, now that you are not working, how have you been copping?” My answer was, “Well, I’m living on hope by grace.”
Not satisfied by my answer, he asked what I meant by the answer I gave.

So as usual of me, I laughed and explained……
“Remember last time you sent me two hundred cedis? At the time you sent that money, I was owing MTN Quik Loan so I used your money to pay MTN and borrowed another. As we speak, I’m owing Fido loans too which I must pay by nextweek to avoid default penalty.”

At this point, I realized his mood was changing; he was sad for me. So I taped his shoulder to cheer him on and told him, things won’t remain like this forever; will definitely come out of it.

He was surprised about my responses and said he wished he had my type of heart. Because he can’t imagine thinking that I was going through a lot and empathizing with me but I’m rather the one giving him hope.

So I explained to him that being sad or complaining won’t solve the problem; I need to be strong to cope along.
Enough of my story; let’s delve into the main reason I seek your attention.

There are many of my kind who are going through this difficult time with us but for reasons known to them or just trying to be strong (which is fake) but not speaking about it.

Probably you’re bored reading my side of the story huh? That is one of the reasons people don’t speak of their challenges.

Having read to this far, kindly bare with me let’s think alike and analyse some issues. This is not just about me alone.

Have you also, ever asked same question about how those who are not doing anything or meaningful jobs cope at this difficult economic times?

Maybe you are fortunate or privilege to be gainfully employed or doing your own business; yet you do complains about the hard times huh?

How about those who are not doing any at all?

Maybe you don’t care or thinks they should fight their own problem.
If the working class is crying about the economy, then it is definitely worse for those who are not working.
Whichever way you may look at this situation, most of these people are actually not lazy by not working but circumstances beyond their powers or reach has made them so.

I am here with my long easy to speak to your heart; if you are a little privilege or fortunate to have something doing.

Unfortunately the general situation now is making it difficult for anyone to have a surplus to spare or save; I understand, but if you can, do reach out to someone around you know has nothing doing.

It could be a family member, friend, neighbors, old mate or just anybody you know or heard off. No amount of gift is too small at this time, not even a pesewa or one cedi is too small to give.

It is however dangerous to promise persons in dire need without fulfilling it; because they’ll put their lost hope on you. Whenever someone calls to beg for your help at a time you’re not capable, just tell them the truth so they can turn their attention somewhere else. It is also not good to refuse their calls because you can’t help them, it makes them bitter.

Please note that, I am not writing to beg for arms; but I prefixed the situation with my own story so you can have an understanding from someone who is in same situation.
Hope you’ll be touched by this story to remember somebody with a donation.

Godwin Agbeko Akpadzi
Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
Afadzato South District

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