Economy: There Is Hope For Ghana – Dr Kor

Dr. Victor Kor
Dr. Victor Kor

Internationally recognised Singaporean economist, Dr. Victor Kor has a positive verdict on the Ghanaian economy, saying that despite the current challenges, there is ?very good hope? for Ghana.

Dr. Victor Kor
Dr. Victor Kor

?I think all the indicators shows that you all have very good hope?Indications look good your global competitiveness as a country and economy look good just because you have good infrastructure, educational, man power?,? he told the Republic newspaper in an exclusive interview on sidelines of the just concluded SADA Business forum in Tamale recently.

According to the management guru, the major thing the current government administration can do to consolidate these good prospects is to seriously consider a non-partisan national vision.

?The leaders must come together and draw a line, what is in the past should be in the past. This vision to develop a country has to be bigger than one person, bigger than one party. They must come together means you have to develop a vision where you want to go. And maybe a party is willing to pay attention on that will win the hearts o the people. A situation you are trying to transform the whole nation is bigger than one leader,? he advised.

??you have to have a shared vision and shared leadership but you need to have leaders who are truly patriotic and have the qualities of statesmanship; meaning I think for the whole nation, I don?t think for my tribe, or for my region?you have a statesman who thinks of Ghana and a group of people who thinks about Ghana and come together and say we can be that, we have a lot of natural resources but they are not well managed. These resources that we have been blessed from God should be used to be transformed into infrastructure, infrastructure to support something that the people can enjoy, that is, the development of the country and bring you from the 3rd world nation to a 1st world nation,? he explained in the no-holds-barred interview with this paper.

Dr. Kor views on economies across the world are well respected, having consulted for governments, businesses and educational institutions in over 100 countries worldwide. In Africa, he has consulted for various institutions in Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Benin, Nigeria and Ghana.

He however warned that not everybody who purports to support a national vision should be believed, ?the people who expound their vision for Ghana you look at their lives if they have no integrity, no credibility, they don?t demonstrate, don?t believe them, they are spreading a lie, and it?s their own lie. They are known to be crooks, cheats and liars. Do you know who they are when you elect them? Look for that. You elect your leaders and then you complain why they are not doing their jobs, whose fault is it? So you listen carefully.?

Dr. Koh was born and educated in Singapore, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Singapore, he is recognized by Singapore as a member of the ?Pioneer Generation? that helped to build today?s Singapore.

Singapore and Ghana share similar post-colonial history; the two countries both had independence from Britain approximately in 1957. However, while Singapore with a population of 5.5 million people had joined the league of developed nations, Ghana is still wallowing as a third world economy.

Ghana?s population is five times bigger than Singapore, however, while Singapore?s annual GDP clocks around US$307 billion, Ghana can hardly manage 20% of that figure.

??we are small country 5.5million people. Our whole economy every year we only generate $307billion -not even $100billion-, when you divide what we produce in GDP 5.5million people producing $307billion, you are 25 to 26million people so you are nearly 5times our size but your GDP, all your efforts put together, your product and services amounts to $45million, so you have a lot to improve in productivity?? Dr. Kor noted.

?You can choose whichever way you want but I can tell you that Ghana and many other countries has lots of resources like gold-one of the biggest export commodity?you have diamond, bauxite, manganese you have many things, you don?t have to have these kinds of problems if you do then there is something wrong meaning wealth has been drained away somewhere?.?

Source: The Republic

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