Educational consultant to offer scholarship to Ghanaian students


Ms Caroline Esinam Adzogble, an Educational Consultant, is to institute a scholarship scheme to award students in the second and tertiary institutions to further their study abroad and contribute to national development.

The scheme, under the excellence awards, would award 100 African brilliant but needy students to advance the frontier of education and address the gap in the country’s educational system.

Ms Adzogble, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Caroline Group, an educational centred institution, at a press briefing in Accra said the Group had established its physical presence across the globe including; International University Services in London, UK, Potters International College, Accra and Caroline University in Nairobi, Kenya.

This initiative, she explained, was part of the Group’s strategic plan to diversify its operations and to redefine education across the world.

She said even though the outbreak of the coronavirus had stalled education globally, there was the need for stakeholders to explore other avenues like the online platform to maximize the gains in the teaching and learning industry.

“Our work in education continues and the pandemic has boosted our efforts to re-think our strategies and simplify our operational efforts to meet the needs of all our stakeholder communities.

“With our continued growth and expansion, we are making use of a Global Employable Human workforce of 20 percent with 80 percent of our operations taken care of by our complex data management and technological tools”, she said.

Ms Adzogble said the Group would continue to celebrate its major milestones in the past year, which included completing 30 major tours across Africa, add 50 new Institution partners to its extensive portfolio, and secure 185 unconditional offers for students.

According to her, people were unable to identify opportunities in the educational sector and their outfit was prepared to educate and empowered students to make good use of such opportunities.

She said the motive was to ensure that every student enrolled in school, adding that education was key to the socio-economic development of every country.

She said the Group as part of its corporate social responsibility would in July donate 1000 sanitary pads and food items to female inmates in Nsawam and as well pay fines for innocent women in the prison.


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