Efficient Server Monitoring Service Helps Prevent Outages


Computers connected to the internet can be generally classified as servers or client. A server machine provides a host of services through software running on it which allow it to act as e-mail server, web server, database server, application server or storage server. In this age of information technology where Internet finds a presence in most of the things we do, it is absolutely imperative that we a have an effective and efficient server monitoring service. Servers should rank high on criteria such as price, serviceability, reliability and fault tolerance. This will enable us to go about our daily business with a minimum of glitches and hassles.

Servers often run for long periods of time. This makes it absolutely essential that there be minimum interruption or latency and the uptime is a critical commodity. Under the heavy demand of network environment, a server owner should be continuously aware of it’s health and performance as well as be in a position to instantly know if the service is interrupted. One way to efficiently go about the business of monitoring a server is with a cloud monitoring solution. With the increase in popularity of of cloud computing there is a higher degree of fault tolerance as server storage and other resources are pooled and shared on? a pay-per-use basis.

Effective and efficient server monitoring services carry out automatic scanning of the servers on the networks to ensure that everything is in order thus considerably reducing the chances of irregularities, failures or outages. It allows server administrators to identify issues beforehand and take a proactive approach towards fixing them before it snowballs into something major, causing a poor user experience or a severe dent in end-user productivity.

When monitoring web servers, a server monitoring service detectsApache, Nginx, Lighttpd, or IIS, and checks for 404 errors, processesm and thoroughput among other things..

It is to be noted that server monitoring service can be both internal and external. An internal process involves web server software that checks the status of the server, and provides instant notification to the owner if the services go down.

External monitoring services, in most circumstances are thought to be more reliable as they are not dependent on local resources. Premise-based monitoring software will sometimes fail to actively respond to an emergency situation due to a host servers being down or low on resources.

The organization delivers powerful server management capabilities at an affordable price by using sophisticated technology.

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