Egalite Sports Bar And Restaurant Refreshing Sports People At Accra Sports Stadium


The Egalite Sports Bar/ Restaurant at the Accra Sports Stadium is certainly the best place to chill as a sports fan.

Any time you visit the stadium just pass by Egalite for any drink or meal.

The place is cozy, charming, relaxing and refreshing to revitalize any sports champion.

Mr. Roger Crawford, a tennis enthusiast is the brain behind the spot, which is of high classic International standard.

The waitresses are friendly,attractive and serviceable, while their products are affordable and delicious.

Any sports fan who wants to have a mini party with friends and family outside home is welcome.

Egalite can be an ordinary place until you enter.

It is open every day, but remember occasion days are special.

Egalite is prepared to support Sports Federations, in a positive direction.

Apart from Tennis, Women In Sports Association (WISA) is the next organization to associate with Egalite Sports Bar /Restaurant.

Madam Gloria Commodore, President of WISA and some of her executive on Thursday, September 1, 2022 paid a working visit to Egalite and she was happy with what she saw and tasted.

“The place is nice and really chilling, WISA is proud to be associated with Egalite ” she expressed.

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