Egypt build the world’s fourth largest solar park


The Benban Solar Park in Egypt’s southern Aswan Province is the world’s fourth largest photovoltaic power plant complex. 30 global developers were invited to build plants on different plots, many of which have relied on Chinese technologies and equipment. The project has become a model for China-Egypt cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Benban Solar Park is located in Egypt’s Western Desert region, one of the driest and hottest places on Earth

To better harness the abundance of sunlight, the government initiated a plan to build a photovoltaic park

30 developers from around the world were invited to build solar power plants on 41 constituent plots

Two Chinese companies were contracted with six plants, with a combined output accounting for 20% of the park’s total

As the world’s 4th largest photovoltaic power system, the park’s 7 million PV panels are visible even from space

The solar park has been connected to Egypt’s National Grid since 2019, providing stable power to 420,000 households

The government has also issued commemorative coins to celebrate the feat of renewable energy production.

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