Egyptian Ambassodor (middle) and EC chief Badru Kiggundu (right). Photo by Wilfred Sanya

The Egyptian government has regained security which has allowed the economy to gain momentum and the various sectors are back on track.

The Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda, Sabry Magdy Sabry commended the peace and stability in his country as they marked their first revolutionary anniversary after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak last year.

“Now the political forces are engaged in a deep comprehensive national dialogue that does not exclude any, to reach a consensus about building a modern society with effective institutions that will serve for the people of Egypt, the Arabs and the whole World”, Sabry said.

He added: “One year ago, nobody could ever imagine that we would gather here tonight to celebrate our victory, here in Uganda and back home in Egypt.”

The Ambassador was addressing guests in Kampala at his residence.

“This is a unique revolution that inspired the World through its unprecedented characteristics and peaceful nature and its use of most up- to-date technologies to get rid of the corruption, coerce and injustice,” Sabry said.

He revealed they are to make a new constitution by the end June this year and a new president will be elected.

The envoy said the Egyptian minister of Foreign Affairs concluded a tour of the Great lakes region for further bilateral relationship. He also launched the Egyptian Initiative for development, he added.

By Wilfred Sanya, The New Vision



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