Embracing Unity and overcoming Tribal Sentiment in Ghanaian Politics

Politics Leaders
Politics Leaders

Dear Fellow Ghanaians, 

Today, I write to you as a concerned citizen who firmly believes in the strength and potentials of  our great nation, Ghana. Our country, with its rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnic groups, and  vibrant history, has always celebrated the strength that lies in our differences which have always  made Ghana a beacon of hope and progress in Africa. However, Tribal sentiments, which have unfortunately found its way into our political landscape, threaten our unity, progress, and the  realization of our collective aspirations. It is time for us to appeal to our collective conscience  and work together to address this issue for the betterment of our great nation. 

Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, envisioned a nation that would rise above tribal divisions  and foster a sense of unity among all citizens because our diversity is a source of strength, as it  enriches our perspectives, fosters creativity, and propels us forward. However, when tribal  sentiments seep into our politics, it erodes the very foundation upon which our nation stands. It  leads to discrimination, prejudice, and a detrimental “us versus them” mentality that hampers  progress and unity so today, we must reaffirm their vision and commit ourselves to the noble  pursuit of a politics devoid of tribal sentiment. 

We must remember that the essence of democracy lies in the power of ideas, inclusive dialogue,  and the pursuit of the common good. We must rise above the limitations of tribal sentiments and  embrace a politics that transcends ethnic boundaries for our judgment not to be blurred by tribal  bigotry which may lead us to lose sight of the greater purpose of our democracy, thus, to  

improve the lives of all citizens and build a prosperous nation. 

As citizens, we hold the power to shape the narrative and promote an inclusive political culture,  our ethnicity should never affect our political decisions. We must engage in open and respectful  conversations, celebrating our diversity while recognizing the strength that lies in our unity. Let  us not succumb to divisive rhetoric that seeks to exploit tribal sentiments for personal or political  

gain. Instead, let us demand accountability, transparency, and adherence to democratic principles  from our leaders and also prioritize merit and competence over tribal affiliations when it comes  to selecting our leaders. 

In an attempt to curb the issue of tribal sentiments in our politics, education plays a significant  role. By fostering an environment that promotes tolerance, understanding, and respect for all  ethnicities, we can cultivate a generation of Ghanaian citizens who prioritize national cohesion  above tribal divisions. Our schools, communities, and families must instill in our youth the  values of unity, empathy, and the recognition that our shared heritage is intertwined.

Moreover, let us never forget the shining examples of leaders like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who  envisioned a united Ghana, free from the shackles of tribal divisions. Their legacies should serve  as a reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve and build upon their vision. We owe it  to our ancestors, our children, and future generations to forge a path toward politics free from the  constraints of tribal bigotry. 

Today, we stand at a critical juncture in our nation’s history and I call upon all Ghanaians in  supplication, to rise above the narrow boundaries of tribal sentiment and embrace a politics  rooted in unity, equality, and progress. Let us appeal to our conscience and work tirelessly to rid  our politics of tribal sentiment and be guided by the principle that our shared destiny as  Ghanaians transcends the barriers of tribe and ethnicity. Together, we can create a future where  the strength of our diversity propels us toward unparalleled heights. 

May the spirit of unity guide us all. 


Baffour Silas Anthony 

A Concerned Ghanaian Citizen

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