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Eminent Artist Bash Luks Shares Insights in an Exclusive Interview

Bash Luks
Bash Luks
1. Bash Luks. Is that your real name?
I am known by my stage name, Bash Luks, which is actually a shortened version of my real name, Bashir Lukonge. I am a highly skilled musical artist from Uganda, proficient in various fields such as singing, songwriting, acting, writing, and music production. Furthermore, I am the visionary behind Lot Fire Records, a prominent record label based in Uganda.
2. What inspired you to pursue music?
Music has always been a profound passion of mine, as I was raised in a family that deeply appreciated it. We would eagerly watch music videos featuring iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Madoxx Ssemanda Sematimba, and Lucky Dube, which served as a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Witnessing the breakthroughs of other superstars like Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo, Jose Chameleone, and Bebe Cool instilled a sense of hope in me, reinforcing my belief that I too could pursue and achieve my own musical aspirations.
3. Your name is not so common on the entertainment scene, when did you join the music industry?
During my elementary school years, I first ventured into the realm of music by assuming the role of a choir leader. In 2022, I embarked on my music journey with the release of my original debut track titled “Nkubwamu”. This track was meticulously recorded under the guidance of Lot Fire Records. Throughout my musical pursuits, I have gained recognition for my compositions that uplift and address important social issues. These songs serve as a source of inspiration and advocacy.
4. How would you describe your music to people who are just getting familiar with you?
My music genre is commonly known as ‘Afrobeat,’ with some elements of Reggae-Dancehall incorporated. I draw strong inspiration from the music that I grew up listening to.
5. Your sound has been largely described as Afrobeat, would you consider trying out other genres?
My musical style is primarily Afrobeat, but I don’t limit myself. If I feel like exploring RnB today, I’ll go for it. While I am classified as an Afrobeat artist, I am not restricted to only creating Afrobeat music. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to delve into other genres like Dancehall and Reggae through collaborations.
6. What is your music creation process like?
Every song begins with the process of generating ideas. I consider myself to be a highly observant individual who draws inspiration from the world around me. My music revolves around storytelling, conveying narratives through my songs. Once I have a concept in mind, I focus on creating a melody to complement the lyrics. Before heading to Lot Fire Records – recording studio, I reach out to a select group of music producers like BX Pro and among others, to ensure they grasp my artistic vision. Together, we embark on the journey of crafting the beat from scratch. In some instances, my music producers share instrumental tracks with me, which I then use as a basis to develop lyrics.
7. Who are some of the artists you have collaborated with and who are you currently working with?
I have had the honor of collaborating with the incredibly talented musician from Uganda, Jim Siizer, which has allowed me to explore and experiment with new musical styles. Currently, I am in the process of working on a collaboration with the renowned artist Sama Sojah, where we will aim to create a dynamic fusion of Reggae-Dancehall and alternative sounds that will push the boundaries of my artistry.
As an artist, I am constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with well-known musicians who both inspire and push me creatively. I am excited to share that there are even more exciting collaborations on the horizon. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!
8. Who produces your music?
I have had the honor of working closely with BX Pro, a highly regarded music producer in the industry who is affiliated with Lot Fire Records and Axtra Nation.
9. What was the best advice someone gave you when you were starting as a musician?
To always stay authentic to who I am and express my unique voice by embracing my individuality and allowing it to shine through my music.
Not to be afraid to take risks and explore different music genres or styles as the music industry can be tough, but perseverance and dedication can help overcome any challenges faced.
To consistently pursue personal and professional development by engaging in regular practice and dedicating myself to refining my skills.
To establish a network of highly skilled and similar minded individuals who can motivate and challenge me to achieve greater levels of success.
Alway to remember that success in the music is not just about talent, but also about hard work, determination, and a strong work ethic.
To be open to feedback and constructive criticism. It can be difficult to hear criticism, but it can also be an opportunity for growth. Using it as a chance to learn and improve my skills. Stay humble and never stop learning.
Lastly, never to lose sight of my love for music. Let it serve as my driving force and inspiration. Embrace the journey and the process, and never give up on my aspirations. With commitment, perseverance, and self-belief, I have the power to accomplish anything I set my mind to.
10. Are there East African artists on your collaboration wish list? If so, who are they?
My list is quite extensive, but I’ll keep it concise and straightforward. I have a deep admiration for Wafasi, particularly Diamond Platnumz. I would also be thrilled to collaborate with the talented Nikita Kering. I appreciate her unique musical style. Additionally, I have a great fondness for Ariel Wayz and Bruce Melodies.
Regarding Uganda, I love Ang3lina, Lydia Jazmine and Sama Sojah, I am continuously captivated by the enchanting melodies they produce, and my friends share the same admiration. Their musical prowess and unique energy are truly remarkable, leaving me in awe.
11. You have built a solid fanbase over the years, through your unforgettable live shows. What has been your favorite performance or tour so far?
I have had the honor of participating in a music festival where I had the opportunity to perform. The event organizers collaborated with a renowned fashion brand to create an engaging and interactive experience for festival attendees. They established a designated area called the “Style Lounge” where people could not only enjoy my live performance but also participate in various fashion related activities.
One of the standout moments from this music festival was an exclusive collaboration between myself and the brand. Together, we crafted limited edition merchandise that drew inspiration from my live performances and personal aesthetic. Witnessing the fusion of different art forms through this collaboration was truly exhilarating, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
12. Speaking of live performances, do you ever get stage fright and how do you deal with it?
No, I do not experience any stage fright. I used to, but I have overcome it. The audience is there to support me, sing along to my songs, connect with my emotions, and have a good time. While I have encountered challenging crowds in the past, I have learned to manage my anxiety and no longer feel stage fright.
13. What factors do you look out for before agreeing to perform at an event?
Before committing to a performance, it is crucial for me to ensure that the brand I represent and its values align with the individual or organization I am collaborating with. During the actual performance, I am extremely meticulous about the sound quality, as I strive to achieve a specific desired tone.
14. Have you ever encountered a crazy fan? What was that experience like?
I hold a high level of self-respect, which is evident in my demeanor, and as a result, others treat me with a certain level of respect. If someone were to act in an unconventional manner, it would typically involve requests such as, “Can I have a hug?” or “Can I take a picture with you?” from fans. However, I do not engage in such behavior, as it does not align with my values and principles.
15. What do you love the most about being a musician?
Being a musician brings me tremendous joy and fulfillment. One of the aspects I appreciate most about this profession is the ability to connect with people through the power of music. It is a privilege to evoke emotions, inspire others, and create a shared experience through my performances. Additionally, the constant opportunity for growth and creativity is truly exhilarating. As a musician, I am constantly challenged to push my boundaries, explore new ideas, and refine my craft. This journey of self-discovery and expression is what I love most about being a musician.
16. How do you handle the stress and pressures that come with being a famous artist?
I am fortunate to have a highly supportive team. As professionals in our field, we often tend to shoulder all the responsibilities ourselves. However, I am grateful to have a team that I can depend on for support. Whether I am experiencing joy or sadness moments, I know I can rely on my team for guidance, and together, we always strive to find effective solutions.
17. Was there ever a time when you thought about quitting music altogether?
To be completely honest, the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. When I made the decision to pursue music, I was already fully committed. Occasionally, I do question my choice, but ultimately, it is the path I have chosen and it brings me the greatest sense of vitality.
18. Are any of your songs based on real events or people we might know? If so, can you tell us more about them without giving away too many details about the song itself?
There is a new project in progress and the song is titled “Hustling.” It is a candid and sincere song with a clear message.
19. What is your favorite song of all time?
Tempted 2 Touch, a delightful track by Ang3lina and Feranbanks. It’s a truly captivating song.
20. What is your vision for your music career in the next five years?
To expand my reach on a global scale, I aspire to perform not only across Africa but also around the world. Additionally, I am actively working towards obtaining a Coca Cola endorsement. My ultimate goal is to become a renowned artist and music executive who not only inspires individuals but also empowers other artists to embrace their true selves. Lastly, I aim to achieve significant record sales.
21. What is that mantra you live by?
As our thoughts shape our reality, it is important to cultivate a mindset of growth and self-compassion. It is crucial to acknowledge that we are always striving to do our best, even when unforeseen circumstances arise. Let us remember to treat ourselves with kindness and understanding. Additionally, it is advisable to have a well thought out plan in place, regardless of the task at hand.
22. Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?
I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all my fans for your unwavering support. Your love for my music serves as a driving force for my creativity and inspires me to push boundaries. The passion you have for music creates an unbreakable connection between us, and I assure you that I will continue to produce music that resonates with your soul. Thank you for being with me every step of the way, and let us continue to pursue our dreams together through the power of sound.
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