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Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum Triumph Card

Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum
Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum

As the limited registration exercise unfolds across the nation, it is imperative that we, the people of Nkoranza South, take a moment to reflect on the representation we have received from our Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum. Amid this crucial democratic process, it is only fair that we demand transparency and accountability from those who seek to lead us.

What has Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum done for the people of Nkoranza South during his time as our Member of Parliament? What has he accomplished for Nkoranza South as Deputy Minister of Local Government, and what achievements can he demonstrate to the people of Nkoranzaman during his tenure as MCE?

On what basis does he seek reelection, resorting to tireless brute force to disenfranchise our fellow citizens, if he has any record to rely on?

These are questions that demand answers. We dare him to take up the challenge of cataloging his accomplishments in all electoral zones of the constituency. Let his works speak for him, rather than the violence and manipulation that seem to characterize his campaign efforts.

It is time for accountability. The people of Nkoranza South deserve to know how their elected representative has served their interests. As constituents, we have the right to hold our leaders accountable for their actions, or lack thereof.

Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum, your time for reckoning has arrived. The people are watching, and we demand answers. Show us what you have done to improve the lives of those you were elected to serve. Let your record speak for itself, and let the will of the people prevail.

The limited registration exercise may be ongoing, but our demand for accountability is timeless. The people of Nkoranza South deserve nothing less than honest, transparent leadership.

The time for accountability is now.

By Atampana Robert

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